Can You Break a Diamond? And Other Engagement Ring Care Questions
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Can You Break a Diamond? And Other Engagement Ring Care Questions

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A big concern for all of us when it comes to buying anything is quality. So when it comes to your engagement or wedding ring, we understand your concerns about wanting something that will last forever (you will be wearing your ring every day after all!). While the quality of stones and materials used in your engagement ring are a huge part of making your ring last for generations, most people don’t know that regular care and cleaning makes up the other half. Here are some tips to maintain your ring looking brand new, so that one day your granddaughter will see your ring and swoon.

Can you break your diamond ring?

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. More information on diamonds.

Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement and wedding rings because they are almost indestructible, meaning it is nearly impossible to break a diamond. Unlike some trendy engagement rings, diamonds rank the highest on the Mohs Hardness Scale, meaning that when it comes to the most durable stone, diamonds can’t be beat. Due to their hardness, diamonds can withstand the wear and tear of the everyday, but are sometimes so hard that they can inflict damage on your metal or accent stones.

To do any damage to a diamond, it would take a major blow or hard impact. Diamonds are most susceptible to this kind of damage along edges where the cut of the stone comes to a point. Meaning certain engagement ring cuts like marquise or pear may be more susceptible to chipping when suffering hard impact. However, as long as you care for your diamond properly, there is minimal chance it will suffer any damage at all.

How Can I Protect My Diamond Ring?

The Jordan diamond engagement ring has an emerald cut diamond in an east-west setting.

While the quality of the stones and metals you use when you design an engagement ring is a huge part of ensuring the lifetime quality of your ring, without proper care your ring is more susceptible to damage. Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep your ring in top shape.

Should I get my Engagement Ring Inspected?

The Jessica was recently inspected at our studio.

Regular inspections are a game changer when it comes to protecting your ring. Getting your ring inspected by a jewelry professional at least once a year helps make sure that your ring is handling everyday wear and tear just fine. Abby Spark’s jewelry care, like our VIP Treatment, is offered to all of our clients once a year at no cost. During inspections, we check to make sure that your stones aren’t damaging your metal (or vice versa). We also tighten your settings to make sure that your stones don’t come loose and fall out, and that none of your diamonds or gemstones have suffered scratches or chips. We will determine if any repairs are needed. Keeping up with these ring inspections is the best way to keep your ring looking like it did the day you received it.

Should I Get My Engagement Ring Professionally Cleaned?

Keep you stones as brilliant as The Alexandrea.

Ring cleaning not only keeps your stones as sparkly and brilliant as they were when you first got them, but also keeps your ring wearable and comfortable. Your engagement ring goes with you everywhere, and unfortunately, that means everything else does too. Bacteria and germs love to lurk in the crevices between your stones and settings, and can cause irritation, dryness, and rashes to develop on your skin under your ring. If you start developing a rash after some months of wear, you most likely do not have an allergy to the metal in your ring (though that may be your first reaction), but instead are having a reaction to the germs that are hiding out there. Regular cleaning is essential to prevent ring rash. Ultrasonic cleaning is included with our yearly VIP treatment and we offer additional cleaning once per quarter with our ‘Dirty Parties’, but sometimes more cleaning may be needed. Here are a few at home remedies you can use for a quick fix to ring rash. Note: Some of these methods may damage softer gemstones and metals. Please consult Abby Sparks Jewelry or a certified jewelry professional before using these methods on your ring.

Use a Soft Toothbrush A simple and quick way to clean your ring is to use a soft toothbrush. Don’t use a brand new toothbrush, as the tough bristles could scratch your ring. Instead, take that old toothbrush you were going to throw out and with some dish soap and warm water scrub your ring all over. We recommend non-organic soaps like Dawn or Palmolive, because we have found they are the most effective. Use a very soft cloth, like a cotton t-shirt, to dry your ring when you are finished.

Hydrogen Peroxide and White Vinegar

This cleaning method is one we recommend that you please consult Abby Sparks Jewelry or a certified jewelry professional before using, because it may damage softer gemstones and metals. Use ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with ½ cup of white vinegar. Let your rings soak in the mixture for about 30 minutes. Don’t worry if you see bubbles – they are from the peroxide and vinegar killing all of the germs on your ring (totally gross right?).

Boil Rings in Water

This cleaning solution should only be used on platinum and diamond rings, but again please call us, Abby Sparks Jewelry, or a certified jewelry professional before trying this method. Grab a pencil, chopsticks, a ruler, or any other object that you can lay across a pot filled with water to suspend your rings. Tie your ring to the pencil with a string, ribbon, or hair tie, so that they are submerged in the water, but not touching the bottom or sides of the pot. You do not want your rings bouncing around during the boiling because they could be scratched or damaged. Boil your rings for about 20 minutes. The hot water will kill any bacteria living on your ring. Before you put your rings back on, make sure your rash has healed. Even if they are clean, if you put your rings back on before your rash has healed, it will continue. Use some cortisone cream to heal the affected area quickly, so you can get back to flaunting your bling as soon as possible.

How Should I Store my Engagement Ring?

The Amelia custom bridal set in an Abby Sparks Jewelry Box.

To make sure your ring doesn’t get scratched or chipped by other jewelry or rough handling, make sure that your store it properly. We recommend keeping your engagement ring in its ring box or in a cloth travel pouch by itself. If you don’t have those things, you can store your ring wrapped in a soft cloth, like a handkerchief or soft cotton t-shirt. Using a paper towel or tissue will cause fibers to get stuck in your settings, so make sure whatever you are wrapping your ring in does not have loose fibers. For security, store your fine jewelry in a safe, and of course, make sure you have insurance!

When Should I Take my Engagement Ring Off?

The Carrie looks stunning when worn, but if worn in the wrong circumstances it will lose its luster.

There are certain times when jewelry is more susceptible to damage, and it would be best to leave your ring at home if you know you are going to be doing the following activities:

  • Showering or Bathing: Water and hot temperatures can be risky for certain metals and gemstones.
  • Any form of exercise: An object in motion stays in motion…and has a higher chance of running in to hard surfaces.
  • Sleeping: Putting pressure on your ring can damage the setting or stones.
  • Cooking or baking: Again, lots of hard surfaces involved here.
  • Cleaning: Using harsh chemicals can damage your ring.
  • Swimming: In the ocean or the pool. Chemicals in pools can damage your stones, and you have a higher chance of losing your ring in water.
  • Putting on Sunscreen or Lotions: Not only can they make your stones look cloudy, but some lotions have chemicals that are damaging.
  • Certain Jobs: If you use your hands a lot, best leave your ring at home.
  • Crafting: Painting or ceramics can get messy for your hands.

While this is a lot of information to go through at first, proper care is essential to caring for your engagement ring. After all, your ring was major investment, right? We know that you want it to last. Caring for your ring doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. In fact, it’s as simple as bringing your ring to us once a year for a VIP treatment, or coming to get clean at a Dirty Party. Inspections and cleanings will keep your ring looking as if your partner just popped the question yesterday. So you can continue to continue to flaunt your ring candy for years to come. Book an appointment to talk with us about ring care.