Design an Engagement Ring Virtually: Our Remote Design Process
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Design an Engagement Ring Virtually: Our Remote Design Process

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Love and life are not cancelled. In these uncertain times, the love we have for each other is more important than ever. If you are looking to celebrate that love, we’re still here for you. We are still open, our designers are still here, just a lot more virtually than before. We already had a remote process built out for non-local clients prior to this – working with clients via email, phone, and video chat is something we’ve done so much, it’s easy. But, if you’re wondering what to expect, or wondering if going through this design process is right for you, we’re breaking down the full process.

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Step One
Design Meeting

The first step in the process is a design meeting. This will be done via a zoom video meeting with one of our jewelry designers, just like if we were sitting down together in our Denver studio. Since we won’t be sharing seats at a table where we can swap ideas, we’ll share our screen with you so we can quickly reference visual tools to help talk around design. We also ask that you email inspiration pictures to us before the meeting so that we can be on the same page. We have made rings using inspiration from everything – nature, art, textiles, mythology, religion, literature, even just a specific color.

The purpose of this meeting is to start making your dream ring a reality. We’ll do this by getting an idea of who this ring is for, why they are so special to you, and what you envision this ring looking like for them (or for you)! We’ll cover budget and all of the logistics so that you know what to expect.

We know that designing and engagement ring can be exciting and scary– especially if you’re designing the ring solo. But it might ease your mind to know– you’re working with the experts! There’s no need to come in with an extensive knowledge of jewelry, diamonds, or even design, because that’s what we’re here for. If you know and love the person this ring is for, you’re already off to a great start.

Step Two – Sketching and Design

Once we have a feel for what you’re envisioning in your ring design, we’ll start putting those thoughts on paper. We sketch designs that account for their lifestyle, their taste, and your budget. We want you to have options to ensure you’re getting the ring you want, so initially we will give you three to five sketches to start narrowing down. If none of them seem perfect, that’s ok. Give us edits and we’ll sketch until it’s perfect.

All of these sketches are sent to you via email so you can take your time deciding what you like. We’re making this ring with a certain person in mind, so we want it to capture the essence of your love story and your unique spark.

Step Three – Diamonds and Gemstones

After you approve the design, we’ll start sourcing stones for your piece. FYI: when the time comes to pick the stones for your ring, we will never show you stones that are out of your price range. This way you don’t have to worry about falling in love with something you can’t afford. The amazing thing about custom design is that you will get to pick the exact stones that are going into your ring. Not just the general type, color, or shape– the exact stones.

We rely on the magic of tech and photo to help you see your stones. We send you videos, pictures, and notes on each stone we’ve sourced so that you can make a decision with all the information. In order to make you feel confident about the stones you pick we use macro pictures (close up, high definition) and videos of your stones. We’ll show you the stones with objects to scale, and talk you through the fine details you might not know to look for.

Step Four – Engineering

Deep breath, the design is done! Now leave it up to us to make your design come to life. We will create a digital 3D model of your ring (called a CAD model) and send it to you via email. This way you can see your ring design from every angle.

Once you’ve given the final approval, we use the 3D design to cast your ring, we work the casting, hand set each of your stones, add any handcrafted details required, and finish the metal. And just like that, voilà! Your ring is complete.


Step Five – Delivery

Your ring is done and ready for you to propose with, show off, or anything else you might have planned. We will mail your ring to you, and you will get it knowing that it’s completely designed and created for you. It’s one of a kind and will never be replicated.

Once you receive your ring we will go over care, cleaning, give you your appraisal, ring insurance information, and documentation on your stones. This ring is special, and deserves to be treated that way. We take care of our rings for their entire lifetime, so we will plan on seeing your ring for cleaning once a year to keep it in tip top shape.

Love is still in session, and we are still here for all of the love stories that are being written right now. We have no problem with long distance relationships, and your digital experience creating an engagement ring is just as meaningful as designing in person. We believe that no spark is the same, and if your one of a kind relationship deserves a one of a kind ring, there is no number of miles or cancellations that can stop us from helping you celebrate your love.