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How to Stand Out in Jewelry Created By You

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We’ve all heard the age-old adage that no two snowflakes are the same. While we appreciate the feel-good sentiment, we’ve gotta admit it’s a bit too bland for our taste. Instead, at Abby Sparks Jewelry, we like to spice up the saying and flip it into our own mantra: No Spark is the Same. That’s right, no spark is the same – especially when it relates to your jewelry. No jewelry is the same, no style is the same, and no diamond shines the same in any manner. After all, you aren’t the same as anyone else. You have within you unique styles, values, and tastes. It’s our job to craft those desires into reality by the elements of your custom made piece of jewelry. Working with us, you and your jewelry will shine with your own spark.

Custom engagement ring made with 14k rose gold, 1.9 carat rough diamond, 0.29 ctw diamonds, and 0.002 ctw black diamond melee custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Nicole.


(Jewelry that’s all your idea comes to life with Abby Sparks Jewelry. The Custom Design Process all starts with a sketch, then is finished once the final product is on your finger. See exactly how The Nicole engagement ring became the real deal with our simple 3 step process.)


No Custom Jewelry is the Same

When we say one-of-a-kind, we mean it. Designing with Abby Sparks Jewelry guarantees that you are going to get exactly everything you have ever wanted in a ring. What you imagine can be your’s. Any kind of stone, cut, metal of band, or setting you decide on for your engagement ring can never be repeated. These components are a mechanism to let your spark light up. Your creative capacity is your own and no one else’s. What aligns to everyone’s wants and needs is going to be different with each individual. Isn’t there such beauty in variety?  Each person has their own story embedded in their jewelry making it extremely personal and 100% yours.


No Style is the Same

Repurposed diamond custom engagement ring made with 14k yellow gold, 1.40 carat diamond, and 1.22 ctw accent diamonds custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Meghan.Custom handmade engagement ring made with 22k yellow gold, 1.0 carat opal center stone, and 0.3 ctw diamond accents made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Gabbi.

(Each custom engagement ring whispers a different story. Top: The Meghan. 14k yellow gold, 1.40 carat round cut diamond, accent diamond band. Bottom: The Gabbi. Art deco inspired, 22k yellow gold, opal center stone.)


You won’t find this jewelry in a regular big box store. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Each of our pieces are remarkable in their own beauty, and matches the wearer’s spark. The Meghan dazzles in diamonds to align with Meghan’s classic flair. Repurposed from heirloom stones, the engagement ring is chic with its 1.40 carat center diamond and yellow gold metal accented band. More contemporary, the art deco Gabbi engagement ring goes against the grain of typical diamonds and instead opts for a opal center stone contrasted on yellow gold metal to match Gabbi’s artistic style.

Whatever your style, it can be reflected through your custom designed engagement ring. Whether you identify as classic, alternative, or anywhere in between, we’re the experts at matching you to the stone, metal, and setting that best represent you in your entirety.


No Diamond Shines the Same



The center stone may just be the best part about an engagement ring. In the very least, it’s the most gorgeous and eye catching portion. Whether it’s a timeless diamond or a colored gemstone, every glimmer and shimmer is distinct from the next. This is all thanks to the Four C’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat) that certify each stone as their own separate entity from one another.

Custom engagement ring made with white gold, filigree band, 1.06 carat diamond, and 0.75 ctw melee diamonds custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Sherri.

(Here’s one representing the chic individual. The Sherri: 14k white gold, 1.06 round cut diamond with a halo and melee of diamonds on the band.)


A colorless, high clarity, 1.06 round cut carat diamond like that of The Sherri engagement ring is going to sparkle differently than a similar diamond offered in a princess cut. The brilliance, hardness, and durability will also vary from diamond to diamond, where some may display greater quality and clarity than another. Interested to learn more about the 4 C’s? Check our past blog post that touches on the topic in a series of The 10 Most Common Engagement Questions Answered to uncover more valuable information on the cut, clarity, color, and carat of a diamond.

Unique push present custom ring made with 14k white gold, 2.18 carat emerald, and 0.20 ctw diamond melee halo custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Erika.

(It’s all in the details. Left: The Erika. White gold band with an emerald center stone, surrounded with a diamond melee halo. Right:The Caroline. Featuring a unique oval cut, lab-grown moissanite gem stone center, a diamond halo. and a rose gold and platinum band. )


Throwing a halo of accent diamonds around your center piece is the tried-and-true method of fully maximizing your diamond’s shine, as made so obvious by The Erika engagement ring above. If a diamond still doesn’t satisfy your inner diva’s lust for sparkle, consider a lab-grown moissanite gemstone, like the Caroline engagement ring. Derived from meteorites, lab-grown moissanites are the budget- and ethical-friendly alternative to diamonds. Higher in brilliance, lab-grown moissanites disperse light at a better refraction than diamonds. To see how else the two stones stack up against the other, read more about it on our blog Diamond, Lab-Grown Diamond, and Lab-Grown Moissanite: What’s the Difference?. Diamond, colored gemstone, or moissanite: all sorts of shine can be achieved to its own caliber.

Custom engagement ring made with 14k white gold, 1.10 carat diamond, and 0.64 ctw rough diamond melee custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Chelsea.

(Rough diamonds: still a diamond without the stiffness of tradition. The Chelsea. Raw diamond halo encircling a round cut 1.10 carat diamond.)


Are you feeling way beyond basic? Then a rough diamond engagement ring may just be ticket for you. Organic in their purest form, rough (or raw) diamonds are uncut and unpolished, and thus people are attracted to its authentic stature. Our Chelsea engagement ring, pictured above, is one of our favorite rough diamond engagement ring designs, which utilizes rough diamonds by the ring of a halo. As a center stone or accent stone, rough diamonds can easily be implemented onto your engagement ring. Unconventional with an edge: you’ll find it nowhere else than with a rough diamond.

No jewelry has the same spark: we stand by that promise. Take a look at our past custom engagement rings and you’ll see how diversified each of our clients’ jewelry designs have been. And the best part: once you design it, the idea is all your’s – after all, we name it after you. No one else can duplicate the creation!

Ready to get started creating an engagement ring to match your unique spark? Contact us online or call 303.957.6502 to schedule your first consultation and be one step closer to attaining your dream piece of jewelry.


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