Get Ready, Get Set, Get Sparked
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Get Ready, Get Set, Get Sparked

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Everybody has an identity. No matter who they are or where they are from; whether they have experienced beautiful moments or dark, disparaging times; from the characters encountered to the events endured, each detail of a person’s story weaves together to tell a defining tale of who that someone is. At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we are inspired by the stories of each of our clients. Everyone who walks through our door is a stand out individual with one-of-a-kind personalities and tastes that help to crafts their own kind of spark.

(Your ring, your spark. Featuring The Lauren, 14k rose gold with a 1.06 pear cut center diamond).


We go by the philosophy that ‘No Spark is the Same’. What we work to do is combine their unique needs to the custom design jewelry of their dreams. That’s why no two jewelry designs are the same. Every diamond and gemstone refracts light differently, giving no two stones a similar spark. Every couple has an endearing connection we want to reflect through their custom engagement rings and wedding bands. And though we stand by our Custom Design Process through and through, every person we collaborate with has a distinct and exhilarating experience they are subject to during the entire process. Since ‘No Spark is the Same’, we want to bring out every spark we come in contact with in every which way we can. We celebrate personality, style, experience, and romance by handcrafting a special spark into custom jewelry that is unlike any other.


No Diamond is the Same

Maybe it’s obvious, but jewelry contains a spark in the very sense of its capability to sparkle. When the diamond or gemstone of your engagement ring or favorite piece of jewelry catches the light and twinkles, it’s a given that you’ll ogle over the brilliance.




Who could deny that glow? While jewelry may spark in the physical case of the phrase, it also resides as a representation to identify whom a person is. We decorate ourselves in stunners that align to our tastes or tell of who we are when no other description can suffice.

What really signals the difference is the diamond or gemstone. Consider them like a snowflake: no two center stones are alike. Each feature, like the Four C’s of diamonds and gemstones and their cuts, carats, clarity, and colors create a piece that transpires in its own accord.

Ethical custom engagement ring made with 14k yellow gold, 2.00 carat antique cut lab-grown moissanite, and diamond halo custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Laura.

(A diamond vs. moissanite stone: each setting off their own kind of spark. The Amanda, top, a 2.26 carat diamond solitaire. The Laura, bottom, a 2 carat lab-grown moissanite with a diamond halo melee).


A classic diamond versus an ethical moissanite stone. The timelessness of a round cut in comparison to a contemporary pear shaped stone. Juxtapositions are ever ranging for stones and diamonds. As ‘No Spark is the Same’, No Diamond is the Same. The stone bears an appearance and purpose that belongs to only reestablish the spirit of its wearer.


No Romance is the Same

You know how that moment felt the very first time you laid eyes on your lovely other half from across the room? Your heart began to race, you felt like you knew them from a life before, and you could imagine spending the rest of eternity with them. One could say that sparks flew, right? The chemistry is undeniable, and it surely is a story that is still being written.

Swing wedding photo from Abby Sparks Jewelry clients, Stephanie and Ryan showcasing their unique love story.Custom engagement ring made with 0.4 carat center diamond, 0.38 ctw diamond halo, and 0.48 ctw tsavorite garnets custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Stephanie.

(A sparked romance. Top: Stephanie and Ryan, one of our favorite Sparks Story features. Bottom: The ring that made it official, aka The Stephanie, palladium metal with a .4 carat center and diamond halo).


Consistently, we are smitten by the couples that sit down with us and infuse their love stories into their custom engagement rings as a token of their adoration. Every instance the couple shares, from the moment they meet right down to the proposal, varies from the next couples’ love life. Like the story of Stephanie and Ryan’s prevailing love, we are always enchanted to listen to how our clients met and fell for one another. It always sounds like a movie script that’s coming into our showroom!


No Person is the Same

Originality is key and we assure everyone can stand out one way or another. All the same, no person can be compared side-by-side with someone else. It’s impossible. Everybody’s got something special about themselves, we like to think. There’s something to admire in every person, and each quality is so one-of-a-kind that nobody can come along and duplicate it, despite how hard they try. 7 billion different people means there’s 7 billion different sparks. It may be hard to fathom, but the distinctions are very real. There’s power in autonomy!

Abby Sparks Jewelry is resilient in policy and work ethic. Everyone that we are honored to have use our services is going to experience a process ranging from one another, whether it’s in the designer you team up with, the sketches you idealize, or if you design from scratch or provide your own heirloom stones.


Image of Abby Sparks of Abby Sparks Jewelry sketching custom jewelry designs.

(Your spark begins with a sketch, and then the rest is ready to unfold…)


We have an affinity for people. It’s an equation: their quirks, curiosities, beliefs, and realities add up to the image they behold.


Get Sparked

As clients approach us with a desire to customize their own jewelry, they share a history about themselves that completely enamors us. Whether they know it or not, the people they’ve met, the places they’ve been, the things they’ve seen, the words they’ve spoken, the emotions they’ve felt… it all lends to the greater picture. An identity is birthed. Any feat such as this needs a symbol to honor it, which is why we think a piece of jewelry does just the trick as a forever reminder.

It’s time to light your spark and let it shine. When a spark flares up and crackles, naturally it grabs our full attention. Your spark is backed by your story, your personality, and your budding romance, and these riveting factors are begging to be revealed in your jewelry. We want to help you unveil it. Find the spark with Abby Sparks Jewelry and design your own custom jewelry that reflects who you are to every extent. Call us at 303.957.6502 or book an appointment online to get sparked ASAP. The fire in you is waiting to be discovered.



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