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Local Jewelers: Why You Should Work With One

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There are endless benefits when it comes to shopping locally, and this extends to doing business with local jewelers and local jewelry stores. When it comes to fine jewelry (engagement rings especially), you want to feel confident that you’re getting the highest quality for the best price. If you’ve already started looking for an engagement ring you know that this no small task. As a local jewelry design studio located in Denver, our highest priority is helping clients make their dream engagement ring a reality by having a fully hands on experience by working with a member of their own community. We’re huge fans of working with local jewelers and can help you understand why it comes with considerable advantages while cutting down risks associated with shopping for fine jewelry online.

(The Hannah Virginia oval diamond solitaire engagement ring by Abby Sparks Jewelry).

Local Jewelry Stores: The Benefits

If you choose to shop for an engagement ring at a local jewelry store or design one with a local jewelry designer you’ll receive an experience rather than just a product. You have the chance to see and touch rings in person. Not only can you inspect the quality, you will be able to to gauge exactly which metals, stones and finishes you’re interested in. If you decide to work with a local custom jewelry designer like us, a great deal of the creative process is in your control and and you can be as involved as you’d like. Buying an engagement ring is more like buying a car or a home then buying clothes, and such a significant purchase will come with a tons of questions. By shopping for an engagement ring in person you will also be able to ask any and all questions and receive immediate feedback from our expert jewelers. You can rest easy knowing exactly how the process works. Another perk to using a local jeweler is that you are directly supporting the community and fostering community relationships. You’re creating a relationship and receiving a personal experience. Abby Sparks Jewelry prides itself in client relationships. We offer repairs and lifelong VIP treatment to assure that your engagement ring stays in pristine shape.


(The Gina emerald cut emerald engagement ring by Abby Sparks Jewelry).

What are the Risks of Shopping Online?

There are obvious benefits to shopping online. It’s quick, easy, and efficient. But your engagement is not the same as ordering a book online. It’s a major life purchase. The process is special and should be treated with time and attention. By shopping online, you are not able to fully judge the quality of a ring just by looking at photos of it. Engagement rings are intricate and detailed and a photo on a computer screen is not able to convey the artistry behind every cut and design. It is very possible that you order a ring online and it is either not of the caliber you hoped, it’s not comfortable, it looks completely different, or it simply isn’t the right style. Secondly, you can find anything on the internet. The ring you order may have a questionable stone or show up damaged. It is important that you use reputable sources when searching for rings. And without a personal relationship with the business you purchased the ring from, it’s hard to get anything fixed or polished. You’ll lack the encouragement and assistance from a knowledgeable jeweler. If you already have an idea of what you want her engagement ring to look like but can’t find it or if you’re having trouble deciphering through the endless choices on the internet, a local custom jewelry designer can be your saving grace. Online shops will likely not have the the ability to custom-design rings, and if they do, it’s not from scratch. A local jewelry designer can make it possible for her preferred stone, size, shape, and cut to be a part of her dream engagement ring.


(The Nicole princess cut ruby engagement ring by Abby Sparks Jewelry).

The convenience of buying an engagement ring on one of the thousands of developing jewelry store websites on the internet today is understably tempting, but trust us, save your money. The advantages involved are not worth the potential heartbreak of the ring not living up to your expectations. By choosing a local jeweler you are not only having a positive impact on your community, but you’re setting yourself up for success, not for yourself, but for your future life partner.

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Abby Sparks is the founder and CEO of Abby Sparks Jewelry.