VIP Treatment for Our Clients
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VIP Treatment for Our Clients

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You asked, we listened- we now offer super fast, expedited VIP TREATMENT weeks 4 times a year. During these special weeks, you drop off your ring one week and pick it up the next. Yes, you used to be able to drop off your jewelry any old time, but it wasn’t efficient and meant we would have your rings for weeks at a time. Now, it’s in, out, and sparkling clean in a week’s time.

Our engagement rings and wedding rings are built to last a lifetime, but how you care for your ring plays a major role in how long it will look its best. Jewelry care starts with knowing when to take it off (more often than you think) and gently cleaning at home between professional cleanings. But no matter how often you clean up your ring at home, professional cleanings are an absolute must. We call them VIP Treatments, they’re totally complementary to all clients, and up until now they’ve take a few weeks at a time.

How Do I Get a VIP Treatment?

  • Drop off your ring during designated VIP Weeks
  • We’ll inspect your ring and check for any loose stones
  • Then we’ll use our professional tools to safely and thoroughly make your ring look brand spankin’ new again
  • You’ll come back to get your beautiful, sparkly, good-as-new ring.

Why Get a VIP Treatment?

  • Stones get loose with normal wear, and without routine inspection they can fall out
  • Skincare products, sweat, and dirt love to hide out in hard to reach nooks and crannies and can cause irritation and rashes
  • Some insurance policies actually require a yearly inspection
  • We want to see you and see how you and your jewelry are doing!

During VIP Week, this whole process will take one week. Other times throughout the year, expect three or more weeks to get your ring back. Going forward, we’ll be holding VIP Weeks four times a year. Any questions? Send us an email or give us a call.

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