How to Get Him to Propose: Spark a Hint
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How to Get Him to Propose: Spark a Hint

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In the engagement ring world, there are some really common questions that are rarely asked out loud, but often secretly typed into a google search bars late at night:

How to get him to propose

How to get a man to marry you

Signs he will propose

Will he ever propose

Many of us have been there. You want him (or her) to propose, but you want the idea to magically come to them on their own, without you saying anything. Or maybe you two have discussed it at some point…but nothing’s happened since. And now you’re anxiously waiting for something you don’t know will ever come. It’s tricky stuff. And it’s also really touchy and potentially awkward. That’s why it’d be a lot more convenient for your partner to just get the hint on their own, right?

Working for a custom jeweler specializing in engagement rings, these are questions that come up a lot. Every single day we talk to people who are about to propose and about to get engaged. And believe it or not, we also get a lot of women who send us messages saying that they know they want to make a ring with us…but their partner hasn’t proposed yet, and they aren’t sure how to bring it up. So we’ve gone ahead and thought of some ways.


Step One – You Have to Figure Out What You Want

We don’t mean if you want to get engaged–you already know that.

We mean what you actually want to be proposed with. Where you want a ring from. The plan. How is your partner supposed to know what you want if you don’t even know for yourself?

So we pieced together our best tips in this blog. And created a way for you to virtually try on our engagement rings within our instagram stories (we’ve included a how-to video below). Size them to you finger and see you you like different metal colors, different stone shapes, different colored stones, etc. Because we have such a wide range of styles, it’s a really fantastic way to quickly get an idea of the style you likes, and the styles you definitely don’t like.

We also have all of our engagement ring knowledge and experience into an easy ‘7 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing an Engagement Ring’ guide. It’s short and sweet, but it will make the process seem way more doable– we promise. Our free guide is a PDF sent straight to your email that will give you the knowledge and power to start taking real steps toward getting your dream ring.

Starting to understand what styles, stones, cuts, and metals you like will be a big help to you and your partner. It’ll also go over the average amount people spend and how to figure out your own budget. Once you start understanding not only the process, but also what you’re looking for in a ring, you will feel so much more confident moving forward.

And when you’ve done some research, you can begin to communicate to your partner in a much more knowledgeable and matter-of-fact way.

Or, you can start dropping more specific clues for your partner to pick up on. Or maybe just print the guide and “accidentally” leave it out.

Either way, after using this guide you will have more knowledge and sense of direction when it comes to buying a ring than before.

PRO TIP: One way to spark a hint could be to sign your partner up for the PDF. They’ll get the hint, trust us.

Download 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy an Engagement Ring


Step Two – Leave Some Clues

So you’ve figured out what engagement ring you want, or at least gotten a much more solid idea. Don’t feel comfortable sharing this with your partner? That’s common. If you’re someone who wants the traditional surprise proposal with a surprise ring, we have a totally untraditional way to help. Every month we release three new engagement ring phone wallpaper designs on our Instagram (check our story highlights). These phone backgrounds are subtle enough to look like a cool, artsy, fashion sketch wallpaper, but they have different styles of engagement rings for you to pick and choose from.

Once you pick your favorite and save it as your lock screen or phone background, there’s a pretty good chance your significant other will catch a glimpse of it. And seeing a picture of an engagement ring on your phone will definitely get their gears turning. It’ll also give them a good idea of the kind of colors, designs, or stones you would like in your ring. And it has our company name, so they know who they can turn to for help.

It’s the perfect super sneaky way to spark a hint about the ring of your dreams and you’ll still get to have that surprise proposal you’ve always wanted, but your significant other won’t be totally lost when it comes to the ring.


sapphire-wallpaper-phone-computer-engagement-ring-abby-sparks-jewelry-2-324x576Download This Wallpaper
diamond-engagement-ring-sketch-july-iphone-wallpaper-abby-sparks-jewelry-324x576Download This Wallpaper
emerald-engagement-ring-sketch-july-iphone-wallpaper-abby-sparks-jewelry-1-324x576Download This Wallpaper
fashion-sketch-iphone-wallpaper-jewelry-engagement-rings-abby-sparks-jewelry-324x576Download This Wallpaper
instagram-wallpaper-August-spark-a-hint-2-324x576Download This Wallpaper
instagram-wallpaper-August-spark-a-hint-1-324x576Download This Wallpaper


No matter what path you take to getting engaged, it’s important for you and your significant other to be on the same page. Having meaningful conversations, or Sparking a Hint, can be a great way to make sure of that. These tools are simple, easy to use, and will make you feel way less stressed about the ring. Now, all you have to focus on is saying “I do”.

Have questions? Send us a message or give us a call.

We drop a lot of engagement ring advice on our instagram, and that’s where you’ll find all of our wallpapers, so make sure to follow us.

Big disclaimer: We encourage all of our clients and all of you to find the courage and have an open, honest conversation with your partner about what you want to happen. Open communication is a major part of any healthy relationship. But, that being said we also know from experience (and loads of actual emails and DM’s) that for a wide variety of reasons, it’s not always an option. And so, #SparkaHint was born.

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