The story of The Stephanie ring set is a tale of one non-traditional groom’s search for the perfect ring. It’s a story of learning and careful consideration from a man who paid attention to his lady in a way any partner would envy. After finding Abby, Ryan set to the task of creating a ring that was more special than anything he could find in a big box store.

“Stephanie had told me soon after we started dating that [fire opal] was her favorite.  At our first meeting, Abby got the wonderful job of telling me this beautiful stone that I’d held on to…was NOT POSSIBLE. ‘The green fire opal is too soft, would surely break in a matter of 1-2 years, and was my girlfriend active at all? If so it could shatter even sooner. Well since Stephanie is a runner / biker / skier / climber / hiker / Coloradan, I knew it was true. But it was the way that Abby gave this bad news that I knew- I was going to work with her. She immediately was able to turn me around to other options that would serve wonderfully. “

Abby created a ring that, upon delivery, was greater than anything Ryan had imagined. He confided to us that, “proposing for the 1st time at age 39, armed with this ring, was one of the finest experiences of [his] life.” The proposal went so well, that Stephanie came back to Abby to design wedding bands that could complement the unique beauty of her vintage inspired engagement ring.

“After receiving my beautiful, amazing, custom engagement ring from my now-husband, I knew that I could not do with an ordinary band. The ring had clearly been created with passion and perfection by a master craftswoman”
Custom engagement ring

“Every single day since I got my one-of-a-kind engagement ring, and every single day since I was able to put my one-of-a-kind band with it, I have people compliment me on them. Colleagues, family, friends and even complete strangers ask to see the ring – they all want to know if it is an heirloom. I love being able to tell them that it has only ever been mine; it was created specifically for me by the man I love. I love telling the story of Ryan secretly meeting with Abby to create my engagement ring – a ring that was crafted by a person that had never even met me but was able to create a ring that is perfect for me”


Production Credits:
Venue: Ralston’s Crossing
Flowers: Kimball Floral
Photography: ChelseaB Photography
DJ: Ryan Hickey DJ & Event Planning

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