The Elisabeth

Nature Inspired Double Halo Ring

The Maret

Classic Three Stone Moissanite Ring

The Brandi

Two Carat Lab Grown Diamond Marquis Halo Ring

The Kathy

Three stone Nature Inspired Diamond Ring

The Erin Set

Diamond Solitaire Ring With Sunburst Tiara Bands

The Audrey

Deep Blue Sapphire Ring with Geometric Side Stones

The Amelia

Sapphire Clustered Halo Ring

The Amy

Composite Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

The Jane

Emerald and Diamond Half Halo Engagement Ring

The Kate

Angled Sapphire Cluster Ring

The Peyton

Teal Blue Oval Cut Sapphire Cluster Ring

The Rebekah

Antique Geometric Engagement Ring

The Adria

Vintage Floral Style Engagement Ring

The Nora

Geometric Half Halo Ring

The Jane

Double-Band Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring

The Kendall

Ethical Lab Grown and Heirloom Diamond Engagement Ring