What Is A Vintage Setting?

A vintage engagement ring is between twenty and 100 years old, and anything older is considered antique. A vintage setting engagement refers to specific styles that became popular during a certain era and are emulated today. Vintage styles that are commonly referred to are Art Deco engagement rings, Victorian rings, and Edwardian rings. Each have their own distinct markers. Generally, people that are looking for a vintage setting want their ring to be reminiscent of another time and have the look of finely crafted antique heirloom with handcrafted details like filigree cut outs and milgrain metalwork. Actual vintage, antique, or estate jewelry would need to be purchased from a reputable reseller.

Is A Vintage Setting The Right Style For You?

An actual vintage engagement ring will have the disadvantage of decades of wear, but a newly created vintage inspired setting gives you the benefit of a brand new piece, with a romantic nod to the past. There are so many different eras and styles to be inspired by, and vintage means different things to different people. Watch the video to see how to incorporate vintage inspired embellishments into your own design, and how we’ve used this inspiration before.

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Vintage Setting Pros and Cons


  • Vintage inspired engagement rings give you the romantic look of an heirloom, without the wear and tear of decades of previous wear


  • Intricate filigree details can collect dirt and debris and require extra cleaning
  • Vintage styles with clustered small stones require more cleaning and are more vulnerable to becoming loose


Vintage setting engagement rings are a good choice if you want your ring to look like a cherished family heirloom, but with the durability of a brand new ring. Vintage inspired rings come in a wide range of styles spanning different trends over different centuries, but generally they’re a good fit if you want a ring that looks different from the typical, modern ring. Vintage settings can require more care and maintenance if they have intricate cutouts and small stones, so they may not be a good choice if you work with your hands.

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