What Is A Tension Setting?

An engagement ring setting is the entire metal part of the ring that holds the all diamonds and gemstones in place. Tension setting is different from all other setting methods; stones are held in place by the pressure between the two sides of the band, like a vice. Because of the force created, there is no other metal needed to secure the diamond or gemstone. Created in Germany in the 1970’s, a tension set stone looks like it's floating, with nothing below holding it in place.

Is Tension Set The Right Style For You?

Futuristic and sleek, tension set engagement rings are a bold look. Unfortunately, we don’t recommend tension set engagement rings, but we can achieve a similar look that’s more durable. Watch the video to learn why we won’t make tension set rings, and what we can design instead.


Tension Set Pros and Cons


  • You’re ring is guaranteed to be unique looking; it’s an uncommon setting


  • Cannot be easily resized or repaired because the tension is precisely calculated
  • The amount of metal needed to hold the stone securely can look bulky
  • Can make a center stone look smaller as its dwarfed by the metal 
  • Not as secure as other settings

Who Is Tension Setting Right for?

Although some people like the look of tension set engagement ring, it’s not secure design and we do not recommend this setting style.

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