What Is A Split Shank?

The ring shank is what most people call the band: the metal part that goes all the way around your finger. Most rings have a single band, but a split shank is a band that is split it two or more pieces, connecting on the side or back of the ring. Some split shanks have a sliver of negative space that quickly tapers into one band on the back of the band, while others have a wider negative space that shows off more of the finger. Some split shanks are called double band engagement rings, braided bands, twisted bands, or negative space bands.

Is A Split Shank The Right Style For You?

A typical split shank ring with a small tapered gap, showing a tiny peek of skin is fairly subtle and classic, but there are endless possibilities with this type of setting. A wide negative space between two shanks is a more alternative look, as is having wider shanks with more metal. You also have room for creativity with the number of shanks, how they come together, if they twist or braid, and if there is any asymmetry on either side of the center stone. Watch the video to learn about the possibilities for designing your own split shank engagement ring.

Browse Split Shank Engagement Rings

See some of the rings we’ve designed with split shanks to get inspired.

Split Shank Pros and Cons


  • Multiple metal shanks leading to the center stone draw extra attention to it, making a smaller stone appear larger
  • Balances the weight and look of a large center stone
  • A versatile style with endless options for a unique look


  • Takes up more room on your finger than a single band ring, some don’t like this
  • Runs the risk of snagging the gap in the metal on things, getting your finger stuck or warping the metal
  • Can pinch the skin between the shanks

Who Are Split Shank Engagement Rings Right For?

Split shank rings are a very versatile style. If you want a timeless look then a subtle split band is a good choice. If you want a non-traditional engagement ring, a very wide split or very wide shanks would be a better choice. If you have a very large stone, a split shank can help balance the weight and balance the overall design visually. If you have a very active lifestyle, work with your hands or are rough on your jewelry, some split shank designs may snag and be vulnerable to damage.

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