What Is A Black Diamond?

Natural black diamonds (also called fancy black diamonds) get their color from mother nature. Other minerals are trapped inside the diamond during its formation in the earth. The extremely high amount of these other minerals within the diamond, called inclusions, are what give natural black diamonds their black color. Black diamonds (notice the absence of “natural” or “fancy”) are found in nature, although their color is not. These are sometimes called treated black diamonds, black colored diamonds or color enhanced diamonds and they’re turned black as a result of heating treatments. Lastly, lab created black diamonds are identical to natural diamonds but they are lab grown, so neither the stone nor the color are found in nature.

Is A Black Diamond Engagement Ring Right For You?

Moody and glam, black diamond engagement rings are anything but traditional. Black diamonds make for an alternative look but depending on the cut and shape of your center stone, the metal color, and the overall setting, black diamond engagement rings can range from sleek and minimalist to rustic and bohemian. Watch the video to learn more about designing your own black diamond engagement ring.

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Black Diamond Pros and Cons


  • Black diamonds are typically less expensive than colorless diamonds
  • Gemstone durability is rated from 1-10 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, diamonds are a 10
  • Nearly indestructible, diamonds are the most durable choice for an engagement ring


  • Black diamonds do not sparkle or have the brilliance of colorless diamonds

Who Is A Black Diamond Engagement Ring Right For?

A black diamond is a bold, statement making choice. If you want an alternative engagement ring but don’t want to risk a stone less durable than a diamond, a black diamond ring is perfect for you. Black diamonds are not a good choice if you want a brilliant, sparkling stone: they do not have the look of a diamond. Black diamond rings are a great choice for active lifestyles, those that work with their hands or are rough on their jewelry. They’re not the best choice if you want a classic engagement ring.

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