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* Depends on the stone

How Do You Choose the Right Cut?

Choosing your engagement ring cut is a combination of preference, style, and lifestyle. Round cut is by far the most popular stone cut and is the safest bet for a timeless engagement ring or if you are surprising your partner with a ring. Round cuts are also one of the brilliant cut stones, meaning they display maximum sparkle and shine; what most people picture for their engagement ring. If you want something a little less popular, princess cuts, cushion cuts, radiant cuts and oval cuts are less common but still brilliant. Emerald cuts and Asscher cuts have a different kind of appeal, emphasizing clarity and color. Beyond preference, lifestyle is also important to consider. If you work with your hands or are rough on your jewelry, a smooth curving shape with no points is less likely to snag and bump against things than a cut with points. We recommend trying on different cuts to see what feels right for you.

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Want help selecting the right cut?​

We can work with you in-person at our studio or set up a video call to help you take the first step toward designing a ring. Design consultations are complementary and we’ll give you a quick call before your meeting to make sure we can help you.