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Your Love Story, As Told by a Custom Engagement Ring

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Love: it’s a fantasy come to life. When we fall for someone who exceeds beyond our wildest imagination, the knee-buckling and heart-pumping rush is an experience nearly indescribable, no matter how hard our favorite love songs and rom-coms try to illustrate the feeling. Every love story thrives as a kind of its own. All it takes is a spark to fully ignite a romance. Each romance between a destined duo is special by its own accord, right down to the smallest details that strike our attention most. With this in mind makes us at Abby Sparks Jewelry confident in the fact that no love story is the same, no romance is the same, and certainly, no spark is the same.


Joe and Mary custom engagement ring marriage proposal


When our clients decide it’s time to kick it up a notch and declare their love official, they come and design a custom engagement ring with us! They tell us about their sweetheart and their unique love story. Our mission is to listen to your story, and create an engagement ring where the stone and metal capture the emotions that are stirred up. Not only will you propose with a ring that exclusively showcases your love story, but also one that is exclusively created for them, designed with everything they love to match their distinct style.

Time after time, we’re wooed by your tales of meeting and falling in love. We admire what distinguishes each one of you lovebirds from the other. Being able to symbolize the passion and commitment in your relationship into a custom engagement ring is what we do best.

To see how you and a love like yours can be crafted into a custom engagement ring, read about some of our latest and greatest love stories turned design:


Craig & Devon

alternative engagement ring platinum rubies diamonds Devon        Custom process of the Devon repurposed ruby engagement ring by Abby Sparks Jewelry.


(Custom engagement ring made in platinum and featuring 0.67 ctw heirloom rubies and 0.07 ctw diamond melee, The Devon)


Devon is far from the usual, and Craig knew that better than anyone when he first laid eyes on his beautiful wife. Time spent together only allowed for their love to flourish further, and soon enough the day came where Craig gathered up enough courage to ask Devon to spend the rest of her life with him.

Because of her maverick spirit, Craig wanted to construct a nontraditional engagement ring that echoed who his fiancée Devon really is. We adore engagement rings that think outside of the box, and The Devon is no exception. His blushing bride is a nurse and was in the market for a practical ring that wouldn’t snag on latex gloves. Keeping both points of contention in mind, we created him an eternity band that nixed a conventional diamond center stone and instead exhibited ravishing red rubies from Devon’s family heirloom recycled ring. Recycling stones is one of our most beloved methods for designing a ring. The positive energy of the past that the rubies rendered is being carried into the future for even brighter times ahead. Kudos to Craig for going above and beyond for his lady and decorating her Devon engagement ring so lavishly and full of purpose!

The ring shines like no other with a platinum band and small accent diamonds, and no sign of prongs or sharp ends certifies that Devon can rock the piece whether she’s on the job or kicking back at home.

And just in time, her engagement ring was finished for Craig to propose to Devon on Christmas. Something tells us the engagement ring was Devon’s favorite gift she received for the holiday!


John & Jessica

Left side profile and details of the The Jessica, a mountain inspired engagement ring made of 14k rose gold and 1.01 carat diamond center stone custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry. Mountain inspired custom engagement ring made with 14k rose gold and 1.01 carat diamond center stone custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Jessica. Setting profile and details of the The Jessica, a mountain inspired engagement ring made of 14k rose gold and 1.01 carat diamond center stone custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry.

(Custom engagement ring made in 14k rose gold and featuring 1.01 carat diamond, 0.48 total ctw repurposed diamonds, and 0.18 ctw diamond melee, The Jessica)


To touch her heart and reminisce of the joy they’ve shared on the Colorado mountains, John chose to custom create the diamond clad, gasp-inducing Jessica engagement ring for his one and only.

John arrived into our showroom with a strong purpose to propose with a ring that spoke of his fianceé Jessica. The stunning diamond engagement ring features a 1.01 center stone safely enclosed in a prong setting, all which are set against a glow of rose gold metal on the band.

If there’s one thing for sure about Jessica, it’s that she is a true blue Colorado mountain girl. She leads an active lifestyle, making an effort to go skiing every weekend in the winter. In fact, the two even met through mutual friends on a ski trip in the mountains. The high country is like their holy ground, and John knew it must be incorporated into her engagement ring. The settings that hold her sparkling diamonds are the shape of the remarkable purple majesty that they both love.

As being an athlete is another huge part of Jessica’s identity, John wanted to include an element that reflected her sporty side. Together, John and our team devised a design to implement her soccer number into the number of diamonds that make up the beaming halo and center stone.

Going both the economical and sentimental route, John used repurposed diamonds from his grandmother’s heirloom ring into a halo to shroud her center stone in glamour galore. Like The Jessica, your romance can be worked into an engagement ring with your own personal touch in any way, shape, or form.



Custom men’s wedding ring made with 14k yellow gold, 0.58 carat custom cut river rock, and matte finish custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Matt. Side profile and details of The Matt, a men’s wedding ring made with 14k yellow gold, 0.58 carat custom cut river rock, and matte finish custom made by Abby Sparks Jewelry.

(Custom men’s wedding band made in14k yellow gold and featuring 0.58 carat of Matt’s custom cut river rock, The Matt)


For our client Matt, the romance between him and his love runs as swiftly and as everlastingly as a long, coursing river. What’s more appropriate than the gift of a river rock to serve a token of their affection for one another?

The stone was gifted to Matt 9 years ago from his now fiancée, and he has kept it close to him ever since. However, coming close to almost losing it, Matt decided the best way to keep it safe was to store it in a setting right on his ring finger. We helped Matt turn his river rock into a custom men’s wedding band that tells his story.

A reminder of his cherished romance is always within reach. Matt’s 0.58 carat river rock is enclosed with a bezel setting, all surrounded by a sturdy, matte 14k yellow gold band. Now every time he looks down, memories of his love always flood back in. How sweet is that? You won’t be able to find this one-of-a-kind, river rock ring at any typical jewelry store!

Your love is an original story only you can tell: but a custom designed engagement ring helps to fill gaps when words are not enough. Like Matt’s use of a river rock, the incorporation of mountains on the Jessica, and the repurposed heirloom Devon engagement ring, our team at Abby Sparks Jewelry does our best to represent you through each element of your individualized piece. We’re not afraid to admit it… we’re suckers for love.

No romance is the same, no spark is the same, and with that, we believe no jewelry should be the same. If this sounds like a mindset you’re vibing with, then there’s no stopping you from designing with us! Take the first step: call 303.957.6502 or book an appointment online to schedule your consultation. Your love is waiting to be wrapped in a ring.



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