Wrap Your Unique Engagement Ring for a Christmas Proposal
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Wrap Your Unique Engagement Ring for a Christmas Proposal

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Tis the season for opening gifts, and your unique engagement ring should be no exception. While you’ll still want to get down on one knee and ask your beloved to be forever yours, a Christmas proposal just wouldn’t be as special without a carefully wrapped ring. If you plan to propose by the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree or the flicker of a Christmas Eve fire, make the finishing touches on your proposal the careful wrapping of your thoughtfully designed ring.

Make Her Work For It

Your unique engagement ring is definitely the best gift your future bride will get this year, and it might even be the best gift she will ever receive. If your paramour is guilty of unwrapping gifts in a flash, it might be wise to prolong the process by wrapping the ring in a box, placing it inside a slightly larger box, wrapping this box, and so forth. If you really want to drive your love to delightful frustration, repeat this process 15 to 20 times, ensuring that unearthing your ring is a slow and sweet process.

Opt for a Fabric Wrap

This is a very special gift. Reflect this by using a wrap that is as special as your unique engagement ring itself. Trade tired, store-bought wrapping paper for classic fabric. Purchase fabric in your partner’s favorite hues. If you’re feeling crafty, buy some plain fabric and customize it with stamps or fabric paint. Wrap your ring box in this fabric and tie it up with a ribbon. Your lover will likely delight in saving this wrap – something that’s much easier to do with fabric than sure-to-tatter wrapping paper.

Nestle the Ring Among Confetti

Perfect for a bride-to-be who is all about all things girly, adding some confetti to the interior of your ring package makes the opening, and ultimate removal of the ring even more exciting. Select glittery confetti for your fun and flirty girl, or purchase wedding-themed confetti featuring bells or other wedding iconography. Fill your box with this confetti and nestle your ring inside. Just be ready for some cleanup because much of this confetti will likely spill from her trembling hands when she sees the stunning bauble you’ve worked so hard to design.

Add a Faux Fur Interior

Few things are as inexorably tied to winter as fur. A necessity in the days of yore and a fashion accessory now, the softness of fur juxtaposes wonderfully with the iciness of gemstones and the gleam of metal. Use a piece of downy, white faux fur to line the interior of your box. Carefully place your unique engagement ring in the bottom of the box, resting on the pillow-like tufts of this fur. When your soon-to-be-fiancée opens the box and removes the ring, she will undoubtedly appreciate your thoughtful packaging, even if her excitement in the moment leaves her a bit short of words – and breath.

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