What does your BIRTHSTONE say about YOU?
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What does your BIRTHSTONE say about YOU?

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The title Garnet originates from the Latin word Granatum, meaning Pomegranate, due to the stones close resemblance to that of pomegranate seeds. Garnets are thought remove inhibitions and taboos within the wearer, enhancing creativity and passion. Try rocking a set of garnet studs to enhance your already creative spirit.
Amethysts are powerful and protective stones. While today, Amethysts are classified as semi-precious stones, in ancient times, Amethysts were highly coveted, at certain times in history, worth as much as Diamonds. Amethysts are thought to enhance meditative states and inspire contentment and balance. Try wearing an Amethyst ring to bring balance and harmony to stressful situations.
Aquamarines are inspiring stones, associated with eternal youth and happiness. Aquamarines were thus named after the Latin aqua marines, meaning “water of the sea”, due to the stones exuberant blue coloring. Aquamarines are thought to help the wearer overcome fears and stay in tune with nature. When you’re feeling stuck in a rut, try sporting an Aquamarine pendant for additional inspiration.
Legend has it that Diamonds were created when the God of Mines crushed and compounded all of the world’s known gems to create a hybrid and thus, the Diamond was born. Colorless on it’s own, when the light hits them just right, Diamonds display prisms of rainbow light, marrying the entire spectrum together. As such, Diamonds are thought to bring harmony and abundance to the wearer. Whether you wear your diamond in the form of an engagement ring or some simple studs, you are sure to feel the harmony within.
Thought to consist of all the greens of nature, it is believed that Emeralds inspire infinite patience and compassion within the wearer. Coveted throughout the ages for their rich color and durable nature, Emeralds are considered a semi-precious stone. Those born in May should wear Emerald to bring serenity and focus.
Pearls have been known throughout the ages as symbols of purity, generosity and innocence,  thought to bring truth to situations and loyalty to a cause. Pearls are considered balancing stones, which help attune the wearer to surrounding situations. Pull Grandma’s pearl necklace out of hiding and rock that strand as a symbol of your integrity and honesty.
Throughout the ages, Rubies have been considered to be stones of the nobility, their worth even surpassing Diamonds at times. Often sought for their fiery red coloring, Rubies are believed to inspire passion and vitality within the wearer. Donning a Ruby ring might just bring along the prosperity and passion you’ve been looking for!
Peridots, similar to Diamonds, are formed in the molten rock of the Earth’s upper mantle. As such, it is considered a crystal of warmth and well being. Peridot is believed to enhance intuition and bring luck to the wearer. Why not go for a custom Peridot engagement ring as an alternative to the traditional Diamond?
The Sapphire, one of the most well known birthstones, has long been associated with wisdom and royalty. While most commonly seen in blue, Sapphires can range in color from blue to orange, pink to purple, even yellow! Often associated with loyalty, love and commitment, a custom Sapphire ring might be just what you need to showcase your new engagement.
Considered by the Ancients to be one of the most exquisite and mysterious of the gems, Opals’ fire flashes in a rainbow of colors. It’s pleasing aesthetic and marriage of colors is believed to bring peace and mental clarity to the wearer. Consider a piece of custom Opal jewelry to bring peaceful optimism and clarity.
Topaz is believed to help sooth, heal and bring joy and generosity to it’s wearer. Those with Topaz as their birthstone make good friends and loyal lovers. Wearing Topaz can help the wearer to better manifest their goals. Try rocking a custom Topaz engagement ring as a symbol of the solid friendship within your romance.
Turquoise has been known throughout the ages as a symbol of strength, protection and wisdom, worn by royalty and warriors alike. Turquoise was often thought to marry the earth and the sky in one single stone. Try rocking a Turquoise necklace to bring about strength and courage.

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