Wedding Planning 101: Planning the Big Day
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Wedding Planning 101: Planning the Big Day

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Photo courtesy of Alison Vagnini Weddings and Calluna Events.


The love of your life just got down on one knee and asked you to marry them. You’re ecstatic, over the moon, and probably a bit emotional. But all of those amazing feelings can quickly transform into stress and panic when you realize just how long the to-do list is when it comes to planning a wedding. Take a deep breath, it seems scary and overwhelming, but once you get into your groove you’ll be planning your wedding like a pro. We sat down with Denver-based wedding planner Kristen Kennedy from Calluna Events who shared a few tips for planning your wedding as painlessly as possible.


Photo courtesy of Cassie Rosch Photography and Calluna Events.

Hire A Planner

We may be a bit biased but we think hiring a planner is essential to the wedding planning process! We serve as your advocates, advisors and friends! We always hear from our clients that the most important thing to them is to have a stress-free, fun day with their family and friends and hiring a planner will allow for all of that! Give yourself the best wedding gift by hiring a planner!

Ask Questions

When interviewing your potential vendors ask the important questions! We love this list of questions from Here Comes the Guide! Don’t be afraid to interview multiple vendors, you want to make sure it is the right fit for you and your fiancée!


Photo courtesy of Cassie Rosch Photography and Calluna Events.

Use Your Resources:

Weddings blogs and magazines are great resources during the planning process. Even as planners we love looking at different online blogs and magazines for inspiration! We especially love Ruffled Blog, Junebug, Brides, Green Wedding Shoes and The Knot for tips + advice!

Do What’s Right For You

It is so easy to get caught up in the details, but don’t forget that your day is about you and your fiancée and your new life together! You may be dealing with opinions from friends and family, and its important to focus on the big picture!

Have Fun

Wedding planning should be fun! Savor the special moments and enjoy your time in the spotlight! Learn More about Calluna Events here and get some inspiration for your own wedding.

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