Unique Engagement Rings to Ring in the New Year
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Unique Engagement Rings to Ring in the New Year

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2016 is coming to a close! It’s almost New Year’s and there is no better way to ring in 2017 than with unique engagement rings and unique wedding rings. We’ve had a great year at Abby Sparks Jewelry. ASJ specializes in designing and producing custom engagement rings that are truly custom! We believe in bringing your story to life through unique engagement rings and unique wedding rings that set you apart. Here are some rings we’ve created this year to start your New Year off with some sparkle!

The Carolyn

14k yellow gold custom engagement ring with accent diamonds

2017 is going to be as bright and sparkly as this unique engagement ring! Featuring 14k yellow gold, a 1.41 carat diamond center stone, and 0.24 ctw diamond accents, this ring is a perfect example of the magic that happens when a stunning diamond meets a detailed band.

The Keri

Unique wedding ring palladium diamond

This New Year, let’s start new resolutions and traditions, like no more basic wedding bands! This unique wedding ring features palladium, 0.33 ctw diamonds, and is truly beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

The Dave + The Laura

custom engagement ring platinum diamond center stone sapphire accents

unique wedding ring palladium and sapphires men's wedding band

What we need more of in 2017 is His & Her, matching unique wedding rings! Her platinum unique engagement ring features a diamond center stone with sapphire accents while his palladium band features matching sapphires.

The Jacqueline

18k yellow gold emeralds and diamonds custom engagement ring

If the New Year will be anything like this unique engagement ring, it will be bold, unique, and beautiful. Featuring 18k yellow gold, three 0.5 carat center diamonds, with accent diamonds and emeralds, this ring is an absolute jaw-dropper!

The Mary

14k rose gold diamond center stone custom engagement ring with pink and yellow accent diamonds

Who can focus on the fireworks with this sparkler around?! This unique engagement ring is 14k rose gold featuring a 1.31 carat diamond center stone with pink and yellow accent diamonds. We promise, it’ll be the talk of the New Year’s party.

The Janrace Band

14k rose gold rubies unique wedding ring

Boring jewelry has no place in 2017! Accordingly, the Janrace Band is not your average band. This unique wedding ring is 14k rose gold and studded with rubies, putting all other wedding bands to shame.
So many beautiful unique engagement rings and unique wedding rings were designed and produced this year. Abby Sparks Jewelry is so excited to see what the new year holds. Bring it on 2017! Get started creating your own custom engagement ring by calling us at 303.957.6502 or booking an appointment at our showroom in the Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver, CO.

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