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Six Tips for Making Your Proposal Perfect

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The woman you will soon ask to be yours has likely been dreaming of her Prince Charming getting down on one knee for as long as she can remember. You’ve likely been looking forward fondly to the event ever since the day you decided that this one would be the one. Make your proposal perfect for her – and you – by incorporating a few extras.

1. Have a photographer capture the moment.

Your proposal is the definitive start of a new and exciting chapter. You’ll want to remember it, and perhaps even more importantly, so will your soon-to-be bride. Ensure that you have a lasting memory of this oh-so-special event by having a photographer capture it for you.

2. Involve family and friends.

Is your love close to her family? Perhaps they were instrumental in bringing you together. If family is important to you and her, get them involved in your proposal. Pop the question at a family event or have them waiting in the wings so they can come out and congratulate you both after she has shouted her resounding “yes!”

3. Get the perfect ring.

In the days and weeks that follow your proposal, she will flash her sparkler to anyone and everyone she encounters. Take time in the months leading up to your proposal to find that perfect, custom engagement ring. For a truly special wearable representation of your love, work with a jeweler and design a handmade engagement ring for your bride-to-be.

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4. Add a soundtrack.

Even though you might not consciously think about it, there is likely already a soundtrack to your love affair. There was the song that was playing in your car during your first kiss and the one you slow danced to at that wedding. Incorporate these tunes into your proposal. Prepare a CD with some songs that are relevant to you and your partner or otherwise reflect your relationship. Burn a copy for your soon-to-be-fiancé so she can listen to it as she counts down the days to your impending nuptials.

5. Prepare what you’re going to say.

Getting nervous when you propose is as unavoidable as death and taxes. This moment is important to you. You almost certainly want it to go off without a hitch. Improve the chances of that happening by planning in detail what you’re going to say. You know that you’ll conclude with “Will you marry me?” but the string of words that lead up to this question should be meaningful and reflective of how you feel. Write it down and practice it repeatedly so you don’t end up faltering when it matters most.


6. Incorporate elements from pop culture.

Having a hard time deciding just what to do for your special girl? How about borrowing something? Reflect upon your partner’s favorite movies, TV shows and books. If there’s a flick she absolutely adores, integrate a nod to this into your proposal. Is Pretty Woman her go-to film? If so, ride up her street with your upper body hanging out of the top a limo and red roses in your hand. Choosing this option takes some of the pressure off of you while showing your partner that you truly know what she likes.

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