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The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

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Stars: they’re just like us… Or so we like to believe when we flip through the latest US Weekly and secretly rejoice at the candid snapshot of our favorite celebrity traipsing through a grocery store, sporting some worn out velour sweat pants and a VERY messy bun. Oh, how we can relate! But the real kicker comes when we spot that 3-carat diamond engagement ring sitting there on their left hand, shining ever so tauntingly. What we would do to adorn one of those rings and be our own version of a blinged out celebrity!

The rich and famous are clearly rocking a whole bunch of stunning engagement rings. It’s nearly impossible to not stir up some type of ring envy from such magnificent pieces. Some of the four C’s for engagement rings you’re noticing on celebs could even be calling your name. The allure is never ending, especially when varieties of styles seemingly keep pouring into existence just when we think we’ve already seen it all. Elaborate side views? Colored gems? Halo accents? Swoon! You see it on the stars and know you want it, so use it as a source of inspiration when customizing your special, individualized engagement ring with Abby Sparks Jewelry.

Here, we composed a list of some of our favorite celebrity engagement rings that are not only eye catching but carry their own spirit of individuality. If you love the looks of what some of these stars are wearing, why not emulate those features and tailor them to your wants and needs? 

You can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too!

Check out some of the best celebrity engagement rings to help inspire your design!

Miranda Kerr

A timelessly elegant style, on both Miranda Kerr (left, credit: Pinterest) and our Alexa engagement ring (right).

The Australian super model always hits the mark with her classic, elegant style. So it’s only right that her engagement ring fits the same bill. Evan Spiegel, Snapchat founder and CEO, proposed the dazzling piece to Miranda back in July 2016, which features a sophisticated round cut center stone of about 2.5 carats. The splendor doesn’t just stop there. Tapered baguettes accent either side of the diamond; a dazzling trio set atop a white gold band.

Maybe you identify with the Old Hollywood essence of this ring. So timeless! We can’t help but think that Miranda’s delicate and vintage inspired design resembles that of an Abby Sparks exclusive: the Alexa custom engagement ring. Like Miranda’s ring, the Alexa exhibits feminity by the way of the round cut diamond hugged between two pear accents. Both exude the right amount of radiance without being over the top; well suited for a bride with a gentle, cosmopolitan persona.

Beyoncé Knowles 

Putting a ring on it. Compare Beyonce’s (credit: NY Daily) 18 carat rock and split band feature to our white gold, 1 carat engagement ring, Erika.

It comes as no surprise that this bigger-is-better ring belongs to Beyoncé. The “Single Ladies” songstress flaunts an 18-carat emerald cut diamond that is nearly as massive as her legacy. The $5 million priced ring blends tradition together with a modern appeal. The split platinum base encircles the finger with a series of smaller diamonds on the band; each stone certified premium. Like the look of endless sparkle around your finger? See our take on an infinite diamonds concept, a la the Erika design. The ring embodies traditionalism with a pear cut center stone diamond shrouded by smaller diamond accents. The Erika boasts a white gold, triple split band, only furthering the luxury of the ring. If you identify yourself as a diva, this class of engagement ring is meant for you!  

Sofia Vergara 


Halo there! Take a peek at the popular style choice on Sofia Vergara, left, (credit: Genesisdiamonds.net) versus the floating version on the Kathryn, right. 

While the Colombian bombshell knows how to get the crowd laughing, her engagement ring is no joking matter. The ring is bold, beautiful, and certainly not for the weak of heart! The 5 carat cushion cut stone boasts intense clarity that showcases an intricate diamond plot. Tracing the center stone is a diamond halo, a trend that has recently taken the ring designing industry by storm. And it’s no wonder: bling on bling? Yes, please! If you’re looking for a halo muse, look no further than that very own Kathryn custom engagement ring design. Repurposed from the owner’s original setting, a 1.74 carat round diamond grabs the center stage of this rose gold ring. What makes the Kathryn especially outstanding is the floating halo dotted, a contrast from Sofia’s engagement ring as space lies between the center stone and the halo frame. Halos can be arranged in a multitude of ways, whether it be standard like Sofia’s or like the abstract quality of the Kathryn. Different approaches… equally magnetising.

Portia de Rossi

Portia (credit: Pinterest) selects pink blush diamonds on her platinum band for a splash of color. For the Laura engagement ring, we went with sapphire.

One of Hollywood’s favorite couples, Portia de Rossi and Ellen deGeneres, opted for an innovative approach to symbolize their love. The marquise cut diamond rests horizontally upon an intertwined platinum band. Claws and pavé shoulders hold the 3 carat diamond within their grasp, giving an otherwise soft and feminine ring a slight edge. What we really adore is the contrast of colors from the center stone to smaller surrounding pink blush diamonds.

Colored gems are the perfect way to demonstrate the bride’s personal taste through her favorite colors. Our Laura engagement ring is just one example of how Abby Sparks Jewelry plays with a rainbow of hues. The Laura ring adds a pop of color on the finger with the sapphire studded platinum band. Diamonds alone can be too typical for some, so colored stones lend to form a fresh, one-of-a-kind sample of jewelry.

Pippa Middleton

Art deco creations for all. Seen on Pippa (left, credit Bouquetcatch.com), and the Corrie (right).

Chic, geometric lines characterize the art deco style of the newly wedded Pippa Middleton’s engagement ring. Together with an Assher-cut 3.5 carat diamond and a gold band, the ring embodies a vintage reminiscence, like something straight out of the 1920s. Don’t let the dramatic look deceive you, though – the ring is actually quite practical. The flat top dimension alongside an octagon halo serve a purpose to protect the center stone, accelerating the ring’s longevity. The perfect deal for an on-the-go bride like Pippa! Our Corrie engagement ring from our custom collection bears a similarity to Pippa’s rock in its art deco connotation. Like Pippa’s ring, shape is a prominent player by the sleek emerald cut of a large center stone (our’s measures in at 1.25 carats). The structure is also sturdy, ideal for a rough-and-tumble type of bride.

We love diamonds and unbound extravagance like that of our favorite decorated celebrities, and can certainly deliver to those expectations. Is something a little less flashy more like your cup of tea? We get that! Too big of a diamond can lose its sentiment and draw attention away from the splendid bride-to-be. The diamond ring should compliment everything about the lady! Through our Custom Design Process, we assist our clients in designing a ring to match personal preferences, personality, and lifestyle. The designers at Abby Sparks Jewelry strive to create gorgeous, unique designs for custom engagement rings that perfectly harmonize with the wearer.

We at Abby Sparks Jewelry guarantee that we will meet any level of glamorous aesthetic you are seeking. You will be one amongst the stars! Call 303.957.6502 or book an appointment online so your celebrity dreams can come true!

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