Spring Jewelry Trends 2018
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Spring Jewelry Trends 2018

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The days are getting longer, the temps are getting warmer, and the focus on fashion is slowly coming out of hibernation. It’s springtime y’all! And with it comes a a breath of fresh air into all things style. Come springtime, a fresh new crop of jewelry styles start to emerge that will influence the next few months and into the summer season. So let’s shake off the cold, look forward to the new growth, and new spring jewelry trends. At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we see a bunch of new trends blooming for Spring 2018.

Spring Jewelry Trend: Boss lady right hand rings

This spring is all about women expressing themselves more fully and more boldly, both with size and pops of color. We are seeing more and more successful, badass women celebrating their self-love, their life growth, their life path, and their overall inner badassery in bold fine jewelry, specifically women’s right hand rings. Women are taking matters into their own hands and not waiting on a man to give them their first luxe fine jewelry ring. They’re embarking on their own path of honor and having us make them right hand rings with some bulk- big, bold, colored gemstones stones (like rough diamonds, rutile quartz, and blue sapphire), chunky wide bands, and complex clusters. Many are coming to us with “divorce diamonds” and having us remake them into a right hand ring for new beginnings. After all, if a diamond comes into your life, we say rock it! For many women, these rings are a symbol of what they have been through, of their journey, of the ups and downs. And women’s right hand rings are a daily reminder not only of independence and lady boss power, but it also serves as a reminder that life is short, and there are no rules. Screw the “shoulds” with these boss lady rings!

– Abby, Founder

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Spring Jewelry Trend: Brushed yellow gold

The sun is coming to stay, and so is the warmth of yellow gold with a brushed finish. I sat in the office yesterday daydreaming about how I’d make every single yellow gold piece we ever create brushed yellow gold if I could. With the use of a brush, we can transform yellow gold from customary to Cleopatra-royalty status or into metal that looks like butter melting on your skin. There is an entire spectrum of brushed finishes! Adding a brushed finish to your traditional yellow gold jewelry is an easy way to give a nod to classic styles, but also a tip of the hat to your rebellious, one-of-a-kind side. A brushed finish can take a stand-out edgy piece, and soften it a bit with a non-shiny surface. Brushed yellow gold tends to look more artisanal than high polish…each brush stroke a symbol of careful work done by hand. That’s what I see people wanting more of. Jewelry that looks like a human made it.

– Maddie, Design & Account Manager




Spring Jewelry Trend: Handcrafted indie designs

The surging popularity of indie designers and custom jewelry design studios like us isn’t going anywhere. People want to know where their products come from, and that extends to jewelry. More people are voting with their dollars and choosing to support businesses and brands that they think are really cool and that they feel aligned with. This translates into the trend of handcrafted, unique, bespoke jewelry that doesn’t look like it was made on an assembly line. People want to know who is handcrafting their earrings or necklace or ring, where the gemstones are from, and build a relationship with the designer. This lends to the trend of imperfect designs being sought after, because they’re more personal, tell a story, and are unique.

– Sarah, SEM & Marketing Coordinator

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Spring Jewelry Trend: Two-in-one engagement rings

Rolling into wedding season, more brides are opting for bigger and bolder non-traditional engagement rings and saying adios to the traditional wedding band. Women have been standing up to the system and that translates into questioning tired old wedding traditions that just don’t work for them. For some brides, the idea of wearing two bands doesn’t feel right or necessary, so they take it as an opportunity to go with bigger and bolder fashion-forward designs for their engagement rings. Opting out of a separate second band, these brides are building double band engagement rings, large intricate styles, and two-in-one rings. Why add a wedding band that might detract from the beauty of their adventurous engagement ring? These women are using their engagement rings to symbolize their engagement and marriage, and their partner uses this two-in-one ring as they exchange marital vows on the Big Day.

– Ellen, Account Manager


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Spring Jewelry Trend: Natural, Rough Diamonds in Traditional Cuts

Rough diamonds are here to stay and continue to be a huge trend this year, but these raw stones will get a grown up upgrade in traditional cuts typically reserved for colorless diamonds. Up until this point, most rough diamond jewelry has embraced the organic feel in in rosecut styles. This season is seeing these rough diamonds cut traditionally in brilliant cut, radiant cut, and more. This gives this alternative choice the timeless element of a traditional diamond, but it’s still super unconventional to see all of the galactic, unique inclusions; a hallmark of rough diamonds.

– Stephie, Digital Branding & Marketing Associate


Spring Jewelry Trend: Statement Earrings

This spring it is all about big, unignorable statement earrings. Bold earrings look so fab and immediately add a touch of playful glamour to any outfit. While tassels and hoops have been on the rise for some time, in 2018 these trends are diversifying into a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. I love this trend because it’s all about showing your unique personality – the bigger and wilder your earrings are, the better!

– Kelsey, Digital Marketing Intern


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