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Spring Jewelry Trends for 2017

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Spring is finally here! Neutrals and minimalist jewelry had its time this winter, but now it’s time to shake off the muted tones and bring on the color. Your favorite fashion gurus, from Alexander Wang to Victoria Beckham, are hitting the runway with spring fashion for 2017. Don’t be seen with outdated jewelry. This season, bold colors, gold pieces, and fabulous statement jewelry is catching everyone’s eye. Here are the top jewelry trends for spring 2017!

Bold Colors

First, bold colors are making a HUGE comeback this season. I think we can all agree that neutral will always be essential, but colors are popping up everywhere from your closet to your garden. With the growing popularity of color in fashion trends and the coming of warmer weather, it’s no surprise that boldly colored jewelry is currently outselling neutrals. Next time you are in the market for jewelry, don’t go straight for the colorless diamonds! There are so many more gems to choose from. Create a piece like the Carmen. This custom ring is contrasting and bold with a 1.4 carat emerald center stone and yellow gold setting. Can’t choose your favorite color? Create a colorful cocktail ring like the Kelly. Yellow sapphires, green tsavorite garnets, and blue sapphires… you can have them all.

Gold Jewelry

Yes, colored gems are beautiful but what are you going to set them in? The metal you choose is just as important as the sparkle. Maybe it’s the sun finally coming out from hibernation, but we are seeing more and more yellow gold this season. Look out for gold jewelry popping up on runways this spring. Not only is gold a great investment, but it’s also a metal that adds a pop of color while being toned down enough to wear everyday. Create some great gold pieces this year like the Clara custom engagement ring. The 1.4 carat blue sapphire is striking in a yellow gold setting. And don’t forget about your ears. The Mantooth earrings are bold and gold with geometric shapes and diamonds.


1970’s Inspired Jewelry

What jewelry pieces are we seeing this season? Jewelry from season’s past! This spring, the new trend is pulling inspiration from decades ago. 1970’s inspired jewelry is “in” which means more gold, more colors, and chunkier statement pieces. Don’t shy away from this trend. Show off your most fabulous pieces! Raid your mother’s closet or create a ring like the Beth. This cocktail ring has serious 70’s vibes. Gold metal, a striking shape, and the perfect pop of blue in its 1.5 carat center aqua blue sapphire, this custom cocktail ring is sure to have everyone wondering when you got it. Not to mention, it go perfectly with the vivid turquoise drop Beth earrings.

Statement Necklaces

We know what you’re outfit is missing this spring, a fun statement necklace! Forget the dainty chains and minimalist jewelry this season. Chunky and funky are in and we’re loving it. You probably thought you’d never get to wear them again, but going along with the 70’s trend, bold pendant necklaces, thick gold settings, and animal-themed designs are making a huge comeback. Break out your most eye-catching necklaces that have been collecting dust, or create a striking new piece of jewelry. Need some inspiration? The Woomer Fleur a Mis necklace mixes it up with colorful gemstones in a yellow gold Fleur de Lis, and the Kelsey necklace features vibrant green tsavorite garnets in a unique frog setting.


We haven’t seen you in a while but we’re glad you’re back. Pearls are trending this spring and we could not be happier! Designers, from Paris to Milan, are incorporating them into more designs this season. We are so thankful these beauties are coming out of hiding. Not only do pearls look great next to every complexion, but they are also worn by the most glamorous women from the past and the present. Who doesn’t want to feel like Princess Diana with her multi-strand pearl choker or Michelle Obama and her signature strands? Finally your grandmother’s pearls can see the light again. Don’t think they go with your style or who you are? Breathe new life into your pearls this spring by creating a piece of jewelry that is one-of-a-kind, unique, and embodies who you are. Create a pearl ring like the Caroline! Simple yet timeless, this custom ring features a akoya pearl set in 14k yellow gold. This unique ring is perfect for everyday wear and a timeless piece to add to your collection.

More Bracelets

We’ve talked earrings and necklaces, but let’s not forget about arm candy! Light and easy bracelets are out this season. This spring is all about the quantity and the weight! From heavy metallic bracelets with colored gemstones to layered statement bangles, we’re not seeing any naked arms on the runway. The best part about this trend? You don’t have to choose your favorite piece. We love that we can donn them all. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ways to wear bracelets. Wear them high or wear them low. And don’t let numbers scare you away from wearing them all. More is trending. Want to take your style to the next level? Mix your silver and gold bracelets together! We’re seeing tons of model sporting silver and gold combination jewelry. Create a custom bangle like the Laura. This beautiful bracelet is mixing metals (18k yellow gold and sterling silver) that perfectly complement each other. Not only is the metal combination eye-catching, but the asymmetric design, citrines, and ruby all create a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

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