Sparks Stories: Nataliya and Dave
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Sparks Stories: Nataliya and Dave

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After the ring is made and the question is popped, we sit down with real ASJ couples to find out what sparked their love…





Nataliya envisioned a ring that highlighted each side diamond on the band individually, almost like a string of pearls. Unfortunately, none of the rings Dave found in jewelry stores were hitting the mark. Through several iterations Abby created a ring that was above and beyond what Dave and Nataliya imagined.




The icing on the cake was the diamond eternity band Abby created to perfectly complement the engagement ring. Nataliya had so much trust for Abby’s design and intuition that she asked to be completely uninvolved in the making of the band so that she could be surprised with the final product. Abby created a delicate band that enhances the appearances of the ring, or when worn individually, shines alone without being overwhelming. The pair is a perfect fit.





Dave’s wedding band has a design story that’s perhaps even more challenging than Nataliya’s rings.  Since Dave had some specific ideas about what he didn’t want in a ring but had never worn jewelry, it took several visits to zero in on a design. With a little push and tug, Dave came to the conclusion that he wanted something incredibly unique, more of an art piece, and symbolic of his relationship with Nataliya. And so, Abby created Dave’s artful man band which perfectly captures the essence of Dave’s character and the beautiful couple’s relationship.

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