Sparks Stories: Corina and Frankie
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Sparks Stories: Corina and Frankie

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Abby’s dear friends Corina and Frankie were looking for a unique man band that symbolized Frankie’s breezy Dominican-American style. Their design process involved home visits and friendly, leisurely planning. When it was time to source the stones for Frankie’s ring, Abby brought options to the couple’s home, and they perused her illustrations over a glass of wine.






Corina wanted to surprise Frankie with a personal inscription in Spanish and English inside of the band, which she managed to keep a secret until the big day.  Even with the obstacle of limited surface area, Abby made sure to include Corina’s wish for a tiny heart at the end of the sentiment. Frankie describes the band as “handsome bling,” which perfectly matches his Dominican-American style. 




The couple was married in the Dominican Republic, and their wedding was an amazingly special time with both Dominican and American family and friends – including Miss Abby herself!

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Photo credit: Felix Corona Photography


Congratulations to Corina and Frankie! Stylish, yet sentimental, Frankie’s custom ring is meant to symbolize his and Corina’s love. ASJ Clients: Would you like to be featured on Sparks Stories? Please email your designer to set up a brief meeting.