How a Ring Gets Its Name
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How a Ring Gets Its Name

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Here at Abby Sparks Jewelry, we pride ourselves on our one-of-a-kind jewelry creations. Each of our custom pieces are made specifically for each client. No two of our engagement rings, wedding bands, or custom everyday jewelry are ever duplicates, meaning nobody else will ever have that same piece.
To commemorate the recipient of the custom piece, each of our unique jewelry creations are named after that person. We feel that by naming our jewelry after the recipient, we are definitively showing the world that each ring, necklace, wedding band, or man-band is specially made for that person. Here are some of the stories behind our custom engagement rings.

The Dave and The Nataliya

Custom engagement ring denver
Custom mens wedding band

Dave and Nataliya both had very specific taste and direction for what they wanted from their rings. Nataliya wanted a diamond ring that emulated a pearl necklace with each diamond featured individually while Dave wanted a masculine, yet artistic, ring that features important symbolism to him and to his relationship with Natalyia. Ultimately, both rings exceeded their expectations.

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Custom Jewelry wedding

The Frankie

Custom man band

Frankie’s then-fiance knew she wanted to capture her man’s vibrant Dominican-American personality in his wedding band. Aiming for “handsome bling,” she designed a one-of-a-kind brushed band with stone accents. Hidden inside, she included a custom engraved love-note in both English and Spanish to make it even more special.

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Custom mens wedding band

The Stephanie

Custom emerald wedding ring

Stephanie was always a fan of green, with her favorite stone being a green-fire opal. When her then-boyfriend came to Abby Sparks Jewelry, he discovered that opals are too soft to be used in engagement rings and instead was guided the amazingly unique, green-accented ring of Stephanie’s dreams. Stephanie loved it so much, she returned with her fiancé to get a custom-fit wedding band to compliment her engagement ring perfectly.

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About Abby Sparks

Abby Sparks is the founder and CEO of Abby Sparks Jewelry.