Repurposed Diamond Engagement Rings
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Repurposed Diamond Engagement Rings

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Whether you inherited a diamond or purchased it yourself, it’s likely you have valuable jewelry you’ve outgrown or that never truly fit your style. From your great-grandma’s antique brooch to that extravagant set of earrings you treated yourself to after that big promotion, these impossible-to get-rid-of pieces are probably collecting dust as you read this.

So how can you give them new life?

Redesign this old jewelry into your new engagement ring.

The Sheila Oval Halo Engagement Ring

(Repurposed Oval Diamond Engagement Ring, starting at $26,500)


Unless you’re familiar with custom jewelry, you probably don’t know about jewelry remodeling — the practice of repurposing old precious stones (most often heirloom diamonds) into a new design.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the most beautiful repurposed diamond engagement rings we’ve designed using our clients old diamonds, old rings, and old jewelry to help you see the potential hiding in your jewelry box.

Solitaire Repurposed Diamond Engagement Rings

The Ann Repurposed Diamond Engagement Ring
(Repurposed Diamond Engagement Ring, starting at $12,850)


Solitaire engagement rings settings are sophisticated and modern. Upgrade your engagement ring with an inherited center stone – making it the star of the show. Many brides opt for a simple solitaire engagement ring with a recycled diamond – they’re classic and bold. The Ann, shown above, reuses a 1.18 carat princess cut diamond from the client’s old engagement ring. The solitaire is accented by a thick gold band with a stone finish to give a more industrial look. The Margie makes an heirloom diamond refined and edgy, with the 1.3 brilliant cut diamond and sleek solitaire setting.

Three Stone Repurposed Diamond Engagement Rings

The Brooke Three Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

(Three Carat Diamond Engagement Ring, starting at $61,00)


A traditional engagement ring typically tends to incorporate a timeless three-stone setting, like the Brooke, shown above. The ring was designed with the client’s own three carat diamond, with two new accent diamonds added for extra sparkle. Another client used a diamond from her mother’s engagement ring to create the Amelia – an engagement ring that is the definition of something old, something new.

Halo Repurposed Engagement Rings

The Kathryn

(Repurposed Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, starting at $31,000).


Halo settings are perfect for a bride that loves endless sparkle and bling (not to mention the illusion of a larger diamond center stone). Redesign your engagement ring by adding a halo setting around your existing diamond in a new design. The Kathryn (above), uses the center diamond from a past engagement ring, redesigning her old setting. Design a halo engagement ring with old, family jewelry, like the Robin: a vintage tennis bracelet turned into a lavish engagement ring.

Benefits of Remodeled Engagement Rings

The Allyson 2 Carat Diamond Ombre Sapphire

(2 Carat Diamond Ombre Sapphire Engagement Ring, starting at $39,500)


Repurposed diamonds are one of the best ways to achieve the ring you’ve always envisioned. Using diamonds you already own can cut down on cost and add sentimental value. Diamonds should be worn and enjoyed, not hidden in the back of your jewelry box.

Repurposing jewelry is not only good for the wallet, but it’s good for the environment. Recycling stones helps reduces the jewelry industry’s impact on our planet. Using a diamond you already own spares the earth one more mined rock. A repurposed diamond is one of the most environmentally-friendly options for the creation of your engagement ring. The Allyson (above), featuring an extravagant 2 carat repurposed diamond from a client’s own heirloom, is not only gorgeous, it’s ethical.

The Allison Hexagon Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

(Hexagon Three Stone Engagement Ring, starting at $15,500)


If you recycle your glass bottles and newspapers, why not recycle your stones? Jewelry is a way to bridge generations and a repurposed engagement ring is a perfect way to add invaluable worth to your piece. A great deal of our clients have found that using inherited diamonds in their engagement ring not only adds extra flair, it adds priceless meaning.

Want to make your own repurposed diamond engagement ring? Book an appointment here.

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