Five Reasons to Pick a Unique Engagement Ring
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Five Reasons to Pick a Unique Engagement Ring

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As of November 2014, 80 percent of all proposals included a diamond engagement ring. When you’ve dreamed of your special day, you might have envisioned an icy diamond resting on your ring finger, too. What you probably never wanted, however, was to blend in with the crowd. Instead of selecting a run-of-the-mill ring to signify your deep and meaningful connection with your partner, seek something unique. Whether it’s a custom designed diamond ring or something entirely different, you’ll likely be glad that it’s a unique engagement ring on your finger. There are a number of reasons you might want to consider eschewing the tired and traditional. Consider these ideas before you commit to your engagement ring.


You Can Show Your Style.

You’re special, and you want a ring that reflects your personality. This piece of jewelry should be highly meaningful, and a generic ring just can’t convey as much meaning as it deserves. With a unique option, you can showcase your favorite colors or include symbols that are particularly meaningful to you, making your ring a story-telling piece that you will cherish for more reasons than one.

It Can Have Meaning.

A generic diamond ring does convey a meaning: this person is engaged. However, is that the only thing you want your ring to convey? By selecting a unique engagement ring, you can say so much more. Whether your special ring includes elements that represent you and your partner’s union or reflects something about your personality, it will definitely be more special than a standard solitaire.

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Designing a Ring is Fun.

Want to feel like royalty? Design a ring. Seeing what you envisioned come to life in gemstone and metal is tremendously exciting. If you work with a dedicated ring designer, you can capitalize off of this individual’s expertise and transform your ring dreams into wearable reality.

The Cost is Scalable.

You don’t want to buy an inferior engagement ring to save a few dollars. After all, you’ll be wearing it until you die (hopefully). At the same time, you don’t want to start your married life in debt because of your bold bling. Selecting a unique engagement ring allows you to better scale the cost of this bauble. Set a budget and stick to it to make your pocketbook – and your frugal partner – happy.

You Deserve It.

There is something oh-so-special about having unique ring. During this exciting time in your life, you can and should be the center of attention. It should be all about you; you deserve this time in the spotlight. Having a specialized ring for people to fawn over will make this time in your life even more special. A customized bauble also shows the world just how much your partner cared because he went out of his way to ensure that the ring he slipped onto your delicate finger was as one-of-a-kind as you are.

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