How to Plan the Ultimate Engagement Surprise
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How to Plan the Ultimate Engagement Surprise

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photo courtesy of Brent + Manasvinee
photo courtesy of Brent + Manasvinee


Planning an engagement is one of the most beautiful, yet stressful things one can experience. Sometimes the question is popped without much planning, and sometimes it takes months to get everything ready.

Whether you’re a planner or you like to do things on the fly, we’re here to help when it comes to helping you present the perfect proposal – as well as helping you design the perfect custom engagement ring.

Here are 5 ways to plan the ultimate engagement surprise:

1. Start with the ring.

There are a lot of ways to start planning a proposal, but the ring is an important part. If you’re designing a custom engagement ring, you’ll need time to have this one-of-a-kind ring produced. Abby Sparks Jewelry offers a timeline of only 4-6 weeks from initial consolation to a finished, beautiful ring.

2. Decide on the location.

Let your custom engagement ring design inspire a location to pop the question! Popular Colorado proposal locations include the mountains, lakeside, at one of Denver’s beautiful parks, or somewhere fun like the Denver Zoo!

Engagement Ring

3. Don’t tell too many blabbers.

We know – it’s hard to keep an exciting secret. Just like you want to tell someone, the people you tell will also have a hard time keeping it to themselves. Keep this in mind and tell only your most trusted family members and friends.

4. Relax.

We know planning an engagement and proposal is stressful, but this is going to be one of the most memorable times of your life! Have fun, don’t stress out about it too much, and be yourself. That’s why your partner is with you in the first place!

5. Let all your planning come to life.

The ring is ready, you know where you’re going to get down on one knee, and it’s time to shine. Bring your phone with you to capture that priceless photo of your soon-after proposal – or take a break from technology and just enjoy the moment between the two of you! Take your time enjoying the moment. Then, tell your family and friends the goods news.

Cheers to you and your soon-to-be lifelong partner!

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Abby Sparks is the founder and CEO of Abby Sparks Jewelry.