Over The Top Engagement Rings and Statement Making Show Stoppers
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Over The Top Engagement Rings and Statement Making Show Stoppers

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Whether you’re engagement ring shopping or just want to ogle at the most extravagant engagement rings on the internet, we’ve compiled the biggest, boldest, sparkliest and most extravagant rings we’ve ever been commissioned to make. Scroll on to see our most over the top ring designs.

An Alexandrite and Diamond Dragon Ring

The Katy engagement ring was designed for our client who loves video games. We based this super unique design off of Majora’s Mask from the video game The Legend of Zelda and created dragon talon prongs and a luxe snakeskin texture in the white gold, dotted with diamonds.


the-katy-alexandrite-ring-design-sketch-scaled custom-zelda-inspired-engagement-ring-white-gold-alexandrite-diamond-scales-majoras-mask-katy-angle KATY-1-scaled


A 2 Carat Pink Morganite Engagement Ring

The Jessica ring was designed for a client who wanted a big center stone that still felt light and airy. A 2.3 carat radiant cut morganite in peachy pink did just the trick.


custom-engagement-ring-rose-gold-radiant-cut-morganite-grey-rose-cut-diamond-accents-jessica-sketch custom-engagement-ring-rose-gold-radiant-cut-morganite-grey-rose-cut-diamond-accents-jessica-angle


An Heirloom Three Stone Diamond Ring

The Ranger ring was created for a client who literally grew up on a gold mine and had a gorgeous 2.15 carat round family heirloom diamond.

custom-engagement-ring-yellow-gold-repurposed-family-diamond-trillion-accents-grey-setting-diamonds-ranger-sketch custom-engagement-ring-yellow-gold-repurposed-family-diamond-trillion-accents-grey-setting-diamonds-ranger



A Gemstone Heart Engagement Ring

The Jen engagement ring was designed for a musician and mimics the anatomical heart artwork on the cover of our her album. The gemstone choices of ruby, sapphire, and emerald also came from lyrics in one of our client’s songs.


alternative-engagement-ring-yellow-gold-repurposed-diamond-ruby-sapphire-emerald-anatomical-heart-jen alternative-engagement-ring-yellow-gold-repurposed-diamond-ruby-sapphire-emerald-anatomical-heart-jen-hand


A 3 Carat Diamond Split Shank Ring

Made for a cardiac surgeon, The Abelson 3 carat oval diamond ring was made to make our client feel like royalty.



A Diamond Encrusted Triple Goddess Ring

Made for a professor, The Dina Triple Goddess diamond engagement ring celebrates our client’s strength.




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