Morganite Engagement Rings: Meaning, Durability, and Types
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Morganite Engagement Rings: Meaning, Durability, and Types

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Morganite History and Types

Morganite’s peachy-pink hue, resembling the subtle first rays of sunrise, warms the heart and attunes the soul to the vastness of the universe. It is known as a crystal of divine love and cleanses the mind of thoughts that do not support the giving and receiving of love. Morganite is said to cleanse the emotional body of anxiety, stress, and heal old traumas or wounds. It attracts to the wearer an abundance of love.

Morganite was discovered in the early 1900s in California (and soon after discovered in Madagascar as well) and was known as Pink Beryl until 1911 when it was renamed Morganite in honor of financier and gemologist, JP Morgan. Morganite is the pink variety of Beryl; it is colored by manganese or cesium, and forms in masses and prismatic crystals. By nature, it is pastel or pale in color, with a transparent peach-pink hue, but can also occur soft pink, violet-pink, or pale salmon. Unlike emerald (the green variety of the same mineral, Beryl) which tends to have significant inclusions, morganite is usually free of inclusions.

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The Jessica, 2 Carat Morganite Engagement Ring


Morganite Engagement Ring Meaning and Uses

Morganite is the ideal gem for realizing equality in all relationships, and aids in developing loving and effective communication between partners. As a heart crystal, it can assist in finding one’s soulmate, or in deepening the connection of your current relationship. Morganite encourages growth, confidence, and inner power, making this a perfect choice for your engagement ring. And because it is associated with the heart chakra, it also aids in treating the physical heart and has been said to alleviate palpitations and other heart-related issues.

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The Ashlee Elizabeth, Pear Shaped Morganite Engagement Ring


Morganite Engagement Ring Durability

The Haley, Pink Morganite Engagement Ring


Morganite measures in at 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale, the universally accepted ranking that measures gemstone hardness (diamonds are the hardest gem at a 10). Morganite may be more susceptible to chipping or cracking, and like all engagement rings, are not suitable for 24/7 wear, but if you work with a skilled jewelry designer like Abby Sparks Jewelry, you can be sure you’ll start with a high-quality stone that’s set in a design that will protect the morganite from everyday damages.

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