Blog Feature The Art of Starting a Business : Metta Mingle Recap
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The Art of Starting a Business : Metta Mingle Recap

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Still on cloud nine from such an amazing Metta Mingle night. We met the most amazing women, ate some great purple hummus (see pics), and shared our struggles, fears, wisdom, lessons, and triumphs with Metta Society, Bad Bitch Branding, and Flora Fauna. Seriously, we cannot thank Metta Society enough for providing the space for women to connect, share their stories, struggles, fears, and successes. They have created a community to support women to make moves towards doing what they love, and making their hobby their full time job. We are still feeling so full, inspired, and grateful for this boss bitch community.

It feels so great to share our space with such a supportive, community-building organization. We feel so connected to all the women who came last night, and hope to continue to stay in touch and keep supporting each other as we all take strides to achieve our big, crazy dreams.  Together, we rise.
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