It’s Moving Weekend!
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It’s Moving Weekend!

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Get ready RiNo!

Team ASJ is currently moving in to you right now.

And this is definitely the last time the studio will look this serene.

Just add people.

This was our new custom jewelry design studio just a couple days ago.

Simply picture half a dozen women lugging in boxes and overanalyzing the angle of each table and chair to get a sense of what it looks like right this very moment. By next week, we will be all moved in and thriving just like those lovely tropical plants.

Wallpaper in progress. We promise it will be 100% hung by the next time you see it, and this room will be approximately 100% more floral.

Oh, you didn’t know we had secret surprises like an authentic vintage phone booth?

Wait ’til you see the entire space once we’re fully moved in next week!

And in the meantime, wish us luck not getting constantly distracted by all the food at the Denver Central Market right downstairs.

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