Interesting Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds
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Interesting Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

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You might have heard about lab grown diamonds, and a lot of people want nothing to do with them. But as one of the most eco-friendly stones on the market, there are a lot of benefits of lab grown diamonds.

They look exactly the same as natural diamonds.

A diamond is sparkly, clear and something unremarkable. And a lab grown diamond is no different. An obvious difference between a natural diamond and a lab grown is that one is pulled from the earth, as the other is made in a lab. But with the naked eye, no one, not even a gemologist, can tell which is which.

They’re eco-friendly.

Since all lab grown diamonds are made in a lab, we know exactly where they come from. They are not only sustainable, but they also come with a good conscious.


They are affordable.

Diamonds, especially depending on size, have a high demand. This makes the price of a diamond go up and down practically everyday. A lab grown diamond is way more affordable than a natural diamond, allowing you to go up in carat size, while still staying within your budget.

The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Another benefit of lab grown diamonds is that they come in most cuts, size and color. If you want something unique, or large, that’s easily doable in a lab grown diamond.

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