Hello RiNo
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Hello RiNo

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We are sooo happy to be slowly settling into to our new studio at 1320 27th Street. It’s pretty amazing to see everyone in our community showing support for this new chapter, and experiencing our tribes’ excitement to learn about our new space.

If you’ve been in for an appointment, you know that we’re not quite 100% up and running. Yet.

Moving during our busiest time of the year (hello engagement season!) means that unpacking and setting up often takes a backseat to meeting with clients, designing rings, managing jewelry production, and making sure our website and marketing keeps on keepin’ on. That being said, we are so grateful for your support, good vibes, and patience during this time! And a special thank you to our friends who have sent along words of encouragement, congratulations, and celebratory champagne for us to *pop* when we’ve really reached the finish line.




So where exactly is it that finish line? How far away is it? When will we be really and truly moved in, with every piece of furniture received, actual signage up, art hung, and not have a ever changing pile of cardboard boxes living in the corner? When will we feel really in tune with the space, knowing instinctively where our tools are without searching, and not having to press every single light switch while guessing which corresponds to what?

Every day we get a little closer, working toward a big celebration/grand opening launch party in the winter that we CANNOT. WAIT, FOR. Yes, we have beautiful images we can share of this studio-in-progress, and even though it’s not 100% ready, it’s still jaw droppingly gorgeous and we’re lucky to be here. But we’re so excited to be able to really host all of you to celebrate and share the space and clink glasses on our rooftop patio overlooking our amazing city.




Make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you’ll know when we announce our Opening Celebration! And although we love seeing your beautiful little faces as much as possible, you have got to make an appointment to come see our space. As always, we’re booked up with clients that we need to take care of first and foremost. Trust that ASJ’s elves are working mega-overtime to make sure lots of good boys & girls are able to propose over the Holidays, and that’s really what this is all for!

About Sarah Kiley

Sarah Kiley is Abby Spark Jewelry’s Marketing and SEO Manager.