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An Inside Look at Five Years of Sparks

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Last Thursday we celebrated Five Years of Sparks, ASJ’s fifth anniversary party. This is a huge milestone for my company and I’m so happy we got the chance to celebrate it right. I wish I would have made a toast at the party but I was caught up in the moment. Should I have made a toast, what I would have said is: starting a business is never easy and I’m constantly learning, every single day. If you want to start your own, know that there is no perfect business plan. There’s only YOUR plan. Be unyielding with it. You’re going to hit roadblock after roadblock. This is normal! You’re also going to get so so many people (family and friends included) who want you to follow the plan that they’ve made for you, and this is not coming from a bad place. They truly care about and love you. But only you know your plan, and you need to stick to it regardless of others’ permission or approval. Thank you so much to everyone who cam celebrated this magical night.

Bless the Big Leaps.

XO, Abby

Special Thanks to: Dayna of Anami Astrology for Astrology Readings, Amanda Roesser and Jillian Bryan for Photography, and Ratio Beerworks.