Engagement Rings for Women: Inspiration For Every Type of Fiancée To Be
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Engagement Rings for Women: Inspiration For Every Type of Fiancée To Be

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Choosing engagement rings for women is THE hardest shopping test. Every woman is different and every woman has her own style. What kind of woman is your soon-to-be fiancée? Is she classic or modern? Vintage or romantic? Maybe she’s bold? Feeling in over your head yet? Don’t worry, Abby Sparks Jewelry can help. We’ve curated a selection of engagement rings for women to give you inspiration for your unique fiancée.

The Classic Fiancée

The Amanda

Solitaire diamond gold custom engagement ring

If she’s classic and timeless, she’ll love something simple, but dazzling. Choose an engagement ring like the Amanda for your lady! Featuring 18k yellow gold and a 2.26 diamond, this solitaire custom engagement ring will have her swooning.

The Vintage Fiancée

The Jacqueline

18k yellow gold emeralds and diamonds custom engagement ring

So your fiancée likes antique pieces? Give her something new, yet in a vintage style! The intricate details and vertical design of the Jacqueline are the perfect example of incorporating inspiration from centuries past into a new custom engagement ring. Abby Sparks Jewelry also specializes in heirloom upcycling engagement rings for women. Include an heirloom family gem to make her custom engagement ring extra special.

The Bold Fiancée

The Annabelle

sapphire engagement ring, rose gold diamond ring

She’s a firecracker and loves to stand out! Create a custom engagement ring that will do just that. The Annabelle is a great engagement ring to pull inspiration from. Featuring rose gold and a killer sapphire, it makes a statement with its brilliant contrast!

The Romantic Fiancée

The Kristin

4ct Diamond Engagement ring

Sweet and stylish, she’s probably a huge romantic! Propose with a ring that shows everyone just how sweet she is. A rose gold custom engagement ring with an amazing 4.07 carat diamond center stone and diamond melee, the Kristin will have her saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!”.

The Modern Fiancée

The Amye

diamond ruby garnet custom engagement ring angle view

She loves keeping up with the latest trends so propose with a new and modern engagement ring! With a unique pear cut diamond surrounded by dazzling garnet and citrine, you can bet the Amye won’t go out of style.

The Artsy Fiancée

The Katy

custom engagement ring round champagne diamond angle view

If your woman is creative, don’t just get her an engagement ring, get her a work of art! Featuring a brilliant diamond center stone, a champagne diamond halo, and a unique detailed band, the Katy is a beauty from every angle.

The Unconventional Fiancée

The Heather

White gold rose cut earth tone rough diamond custom engagement ring

She doesn’t just bend the rules, she breaks them! If your fiancée loves being different, she’ll want something truly one-of-a-kind. The Heather is the perfect custom engagement ring to pull inspiration from. Featuring 14k white gold and a rose cut rough diamond, there is nothing ordinary about this stunner!

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement rings for women, you’ve found them! Get started creating your own custom engagement ring by booking an appointment at our showroom in the Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver, CO either online or by phone at 303.957.6502.

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