Our Favorite Engagement Rings Denver Couples Have Made
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Our Favorite Engagement Rings Denver Couples Have Made

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Though we love working with clients all over the world, it’s no secret that we’re Colorado proud. At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we love getting the opportunity to create engagement rings Denver couples are rocking all over the town we live in. Custom engagement rings are definitely not the norm for most people, but Denver isn’t the norm either…and we think that’s something that should be celebrated!

We take great pride in the custom engagement rings we make for local couples, because we get to bring our custom jewelry design into the community we are a part of.  Because all of our custom engagement rings are one-of-a-kind, we get to meet so many cool members of our community and learn about their lives and what matters most to them.  The engagement rings Denver wants are totally unique and it’s truly an honor to get to know so many of our community members and hear how they ended up at our studio, ready to design an engagement ring. To celebrate our hometown’s one-of-a-kind style, we’d like to share some of the most badass and unique custom engagement rings Denver couples have designed with us.

The Megan

(The Megan custom engagement ring:14k rose gold; 1.09 carat ruby center stone; 0.13 ctw champagne diamond melee; 0.03 ctw diamond melee; 0.01 emerald melee)

Some Denver engagement rings start with must-haves, as in: must be a diamond. Others, like The Megan are a bit more abstract. For this custom engagement ring we started with “autumn colors” and inspiration from the work of her favorite art nouveau painter. The uniqueness factor didn’t stop there. Skipping straight past a traditional diamond, The Megan’s ruby center stone is totally unexpected and a first as far as Abby Sparks Jewelry ruby engagement rings go.

The Adrian


(The Adrian custom wedding band: 14k yellow gold; 0.13 carat sapphire)

“Crack marks spreading from the center as if the stone crashed like a meteorite.” Is that not the most badass and unique request for custom ring you’ve ever heard? Yes, yes it is. And of course it came from Denver. For The Adrian custom men’s wedding band, we set a blue sapphire round center stone flush with crack marks to evoke that unmistakable, just-shot-to-Earth vibe.

The Kimi


(The Kimi custom engagement ring:14k rose gold; 1.06 carat Canadian diamond; 0.45 ctw diamond melee)

Diamond engagement rings, no big surprise here right? WRONG. This is Denver, people. One look  at this ring and you know it’s totally unique. It’s floral shape and warm rose gold give off a hint of bohemian flavor, but it somehow stays romantic and timeless, like it could secretly be an antique piece. The real secret, however, is the center stone. Because a conflict-free diamond was a non-negotiable, we sourced an ethical Canadian diamond for the center stone as well as the six “petals.”

The Lindsay


(The Lindsay: 14k white gold; 1.15 carat lab-grown diamond; 0.17 ctw melee; 0.07 ctw; 0.02 ctw melee)

How cutting-edge and futuristic can a Denver engagement ring get? How about using a diamond created in a lab? The Lindsay is an early adopter of one of the biggest shifts in the industry, opting for lab created diamonds instead of mined diamonds. As far as ethical engagement rings go, this is a stand out and demonstrates the commitment to ethical sourcing that is important to us at Abby Sparks Jewelry, but also to our community.

The Matt


(The Matt: 14k yellow gold; custom cut river rock men’s wedding band)

“Check out that rock,” is what you typically hear when a newly engaged friends whips out their left hand for the first time. The Matt custom wedding ring takes this thought to a whole new level. Colorado to the core, Matt came to our Denver studio armed with an actual “rock” rock–a river rock that his partner had given him nine years earlier. We custom cut his rock to sit pretty in a 14k yellow gold, matte finish men’s wedding band. It really doesn’t get much more Denver or more custom than that. But we encourage you to try!

The Brooke


(The Brooke: 14k white gold; 4.05 carat aquamarine; 0.23 ctw diamond melee engagement ring, The Brooke band: 14k white gold; 0.53 ctw diamonds )

*Drops mic* No, for real though, this is the kind of drool-worthy engagement ring that makes other brides-to-be wonder, “why didn’t I think of that?!” The Brooke pushes the envelope in every sense and is a perfect example of boundless creativity, but also working with certain restraints. We repurposed both the pear shaped aquamarine as well as the diamonds–a gift from her parents for her high school graduation. Besides the obvious sentimental value, we also love the thought that went into the wedding band, which expertly compliments the engagement ring. Just like the our favorite Denver couples, this pair shines even better when together.

Digging Denver’s designs? Check out more of our custom engagement rings and then make an appointment to design an engagement ring.

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