Five Engagement Gifts to Complement a Unique Engagement Ring
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Five Engagement Gifts to Complement a Unique Engagement Ring

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Your newly engaged friend is likely proud of the soulmate she has found and will soon commit to love forever. Coming in close second is almost certainly her unique engagement ring.

When selecting a congratulatory gift, pick something that allows her to care for or showcase this wearable symbol of undying affection.

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1. Ring Dish

Your friend will likely never want to part with her ring, but she may want to slip it off from time to time to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. Tasks like deep cleaning and hair dying can expose rings to risk. Frustratingly, taking rings off and laying them on counters opens them up to the possibility of getting lost. Provide a protective dish into which your friend can nestle her ring whenever it isn’t gracing her finger. To make this gift as reflective of your friendship as it is useful in protecting her unique engagement ring, select a ring dish that relates to your friendship, like one graced with an Eiffel Tower to remind her of your trip to Paris in college.

2. Photo Shoot

A picture speaks 1,000 words, or so the saying goes. Capture the glow that your newly engaged friend emits and allow her to showcase her ring in an unexpected fashion by footing the bill for all or part of a photo shoot. Purchase the engagement photo package for your friend or buy her some time for solo shots in the days after her engagement to ensure that this momentous moment in her life is appropriately captured.

3. Ring Care Kit

Your girlfriend will want to keep her unique engagement ring looking stellar. While regular handwashing will get rid of most of the dirt and debris that would otherwise dull this stunner, it will occasionally need some deep cleaning. Buy your friend a ring care kit that she can use to keep this rock gleaming brightly. Purchase your ring care kit from a reputable jeweler to ensure that it is safe enough for use on precious stones.

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4. Complementary Jewelry

Now she has her ring to signify her love for her soon-to-be husband, but you and your long-time friend share a love, too. Give her something that can signify that. Select a bracelet or necklace that complements her uncommon ring, giving her a jewelry ensemble that’s ready to wear and representative of all of the love she has in her rich life.

5. Manicure

While this gift doesn’t directly pertain to your friend’s unique engagement ring, it will be much appreciated as she will be flashing her left hand proudly to everyone for the next several weeks. Give your friend a gift card to a local spa, allowing her to indulge in some top-quality treatment that will leave her nail beds looking stellar. Because wedding planning will certainly be stressful, adding on a massage or other relaxation-related treatment is a nice touch.

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