What to do Now That You’re Engaged
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What to do Now That You’re Engaged

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You’re Engaged…Now What? We’re Here to Help.

Show Off Your Bling


photo courtesy of Brent + Manasvinee
photo courtesy of Brent + Manasvinee


Just so you know, our relationship isn’t over the second you pick up the ring. We want to see it in action! Send us your engagement photos, tell us your Sparks Story, and bring in your fiancé(e) – we totally want to meet them!

Book Your Vendors


Honeycomb & Co.
Photo Courtesy of Honeycomb & Co.


Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to start planning the big day. Some places suggest booking a vendor 12 months in advance, and some say 6. Your big day definitely isn’t something you should rush, but that doesn’t mean you have to plan your wedding the day you get engaged. If you need help with vendors, check out our wedding vendor suggestions.

Design Her/His Wedding Band

Matching engraved wedding bands

Again, our relationship isn’t over. You designed an engagement ring with us, so why not design the accompanying band, plus a band for yourself? Lets get both of you into a wedding band that you’ll be proud to wear everyday, one that will celebrate your love as well as your personal style. Book an appointment now!

Enjoy it!

Corina sparks stories

Getting engaged and planning a wedding can be overwhelming. So, our most suggested advice is to enjoy it! Your engagement is about the two of you, and it’s so exciting that sometimes you can get distracted by the congratulations and champagne. Have fun, celebrate each other and don’t stress.

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