A Denver Wedding – Lance and Corrie’s Sparks Story
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A Denver Wedding – Lance and Corrie’s Sparks Story

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Engaged on May 26, 2015 and married just four months later on September 26, 2015, Lance and Corrie are this month’s Sparks Story. Lance proposed to Corrie with a beautiful and unique custom engagement ring from Abby Sparks Jewelry, It features a 1.25 carat midnight blue sapphire center stone, along with champagne and yellow accent diamonds.

If you think the ring is beautiful, just wait until you hear their love story!

How did you meet?

We met while standing next to each other at the Irish Rover. We were both there to see the local band Science Partner play as part of the 2013 UMS (Underground Music Showcase). Lance started making jokes and chatting it up with me and the rest is history.

Tell us a little about your love story.

Here are some of the things we fell in love over: Hikes in the Colorado mountains; Road cycling around Denver and beyond; Bike rides to breweries; Beer tasting and lingering over good conversation; Trips to the watering hole with the dogs; Runs through City Park; Tasting the delicious food in and around Denver and trying new things; Appreciation for self and each other; Seeing live music all over town; Inspiration, compassion, awareness, understanding, space; Love and appreciation for discovering things together while also supporting each other as we do that on our own; Mutual love for travel and various trips in the country and beyond; Snowboarding the Colorado hill country; Soaking up the sun; Backpacking, camping, and climbing 14ers; Playing and composing music together; Performing at open mic nights around town; Long talks over coffee in the morning

the corrie custom engagement ring

What were you looking for in a ring?

I (Corrie) wanted something unique, with an edge. While I love the traditional look of a diamond – that is not really my style. I like jewelry that is edgy, funky, colorful, and that makes a statement. I wanted a ring that spoke to that part of me. I had no idea that Lance was so tuned into all of that – or that he was having a ring designed just for me!!

Were you pleased with the outcome of your ring?

I absolutely LOVE my ring. It speaks to all of the parts of me – edgy, funky, colorful, feminine, and unique! I get compliments on it all the time. It is so special that I am the only person wearing it – and that Lance put so much thought into the ring and what would make it special and unique to me.


Tell us about the proposal with your ASJ ring!

We were on a vacation in northern California. We spent some time camping in the Redwood Forest and on the northern coast. I had no idea what was coming – but we spent one night at Patrick’s Point – which is a beautiful ocean side cliff/rocky beach/campgrounds north of Eureka. There are beautiful hikes that lead to amazing ocean overlooks and rocky beaches all over the area. We went on a long hike the day we arrived, and hung out with seals, and just soaked in the epic views. We camped that night in a secluded and overgrown campsite. We drank beers out of cans and made food on the fire. We had planned to hike to the final place we had not made it to yet – Mussel Beach in the morning. We woke up and packed up camp, Lance made us our coffee and we set out for our final hike. Morning coffee is a special time for us. We try on most days to sit down together and drink our coffee. We took our coffee with us and hiked down the cliff to Mussel Beach. Once we were there we sat and enjoyed the epic view of the ocean crashing against giant black rocks – knowing that this would be our last view of the water for the foreseeable future (being Coloradans). After drinking our coffee and savoring the moment, Lance got down and one knee and I cannot even remember what he said other than asking me to be his wife. Of course I said yes – and we celebrated by spending the next few days in Sonoma County – wine tasting, champagne toasts, delicious food, riding bikes, sun bathing by the pool, and just being in love!

Now tell us about your wedding day.

Our wedding was small and intimate, and we tried earnestly to make it true to who we are as individuals and as a couple. It was held in my best friend of 30 years (and her husband’s) back yard. The ceremony was short and sweet – with lots of music. We came in playing music – “Here Comes My Girl” by Tom Petty. All of our siblings were in the wedding as well as our closest friends. My (Corrie) oldest brother Jesse married us. We played “You & Me” by You + Me to each other. My brother Joel played his song “Scars”, my brother Ben read Isaiah 61:3, and Lance’s sister Mel did a self-written rap of sorts. We wrote our own vows and kissed under the arch that Lance and his best friend Mike made out of recycled Aspen trees. After the ceremony we ate barbecue catered by Moe’s Food Truck on my Grandmother’s china as well as some up-cylced china from the thrift store. We drank our favorite wine and beer and had champagne toasts under the stars. Mel made our cake. We ate and drank and were merry. We (all 50) of us celebrated in the back yard until about midnight. Then we walked barefoot through the neighborhood to the local bar to toast to the night away!



Anything else you’d like to add?

Our vows:
I choose you to be none other than yourself
I promise to hold space for your true self, to take on all of you – your hopes, dreams, fears, and flaws
I promise to put our relationship first
I promise to be real, courageous, and vulnerable
I promise to support, encourage, and challenge you
I promise to touch you everyday
I promise to never let you go to sleep without knowing that I love you
I promise to be honest, trustworthy, and faithful
I promise to be present, to embrace every moment – as it is all we have
I promise to laugh with you
I promise to create and support a family with you in a household filled with laughter, patience, understanding, and love
I promise to see you as equal and value our togetherness and partnership
I promise to grow myself while also growing together
I promise to love you forever.

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