Customized Wedding Rings and Other Ways to Make Your Wedding Different
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Customized Wedding Rings and Other Ways to Make Your Wedding Different

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You’ve almost certainly dreamed of your wedding day for years. Perhaps you have had a mental picture of the princess dress you want to walk down the aisle in since you were a youngster, or your many experiences at weddings have left you with a clear picture of your ideal wedding day décor. While everyone’s specific wedding day dreams vary, what you almost certainly don’t want is a wedding that is bland and forgettable. You can make your day exceptional by doing some simple things to ensure that your wedding is distinctively memorable.

Incorporate Family Photos

You’ll definitely create new memories at your wedding. Why not tie it all together by pulling in some memories of the past? Use family photos in your wedding décor to show your guests that they are a pivotal part of your day. Instead of generic table markers, for example, frame pictures of your guests when they were young and place them at their assigned seats.

Select Customized Wedding Rings

In the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, wedding ring selection all too often gets put on the back burner, leaving many couples rushing to get a set of rings – any set of rings – in the days and hours before their “I dos.” Don’t make this mistake. Make your wedding rings a unique part of your wedding day by selecting customized wedding rings that reflect you and your partner. After all, the wedding day itself will be but a moment in time, whereas the rings will be with you forever.
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Trade Wedding Colors for Wedding Prints

If you’re bold, plan a wedding to match. Nearly everyone chooses wedding colors. Set yourself apart by selecting a wedding print. For example, if you’re planning a beach wedding, make your colors coral and aqua, but instead of just selecting a solid aqua, purchase a bolt of water-inspired fabric and use this print as one of the dominant accents throughout the wedding décor.

Select a Guest Book Alternative

You definitely want something to help you remember which guests were part of your big day. The traditional guest book, however, is a bit tired. Instead of this book, select something that you’ll relish displaying. For example, have an artsy friend draw a tree trunk with cascading branches. Place this, along with ink pads and pens, on the guest table. When they arrive, ask each guest to place a fingerprint on each branch and write their names next to them. Frame this artwork and display it in your new marital home.

Pick a Personalized Cake Topper

The traditional man and wife that sit atop so many wedding cakes are great and classic, but they’re hardly unique. Make an impact with your cake topper by commissioning one that’s distinctively you. If you’ve always had a penchant for penguins, for example, place a penguin bride and groom atop your cake. Similarly, if you’re a big Star Wars fan, select a duo from this film series that you feel reflects you and your partner and have them sunk into the cake-top frosting.

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