Customized Engagement Rings for Your Christmas Proposal
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Customized Engagement Rings for Your Christmas Proposal

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Play Santa with a Custom Engagement Ring!

If you’re planning to pop the big question on or around Christmas, you’re in good company. A “Modern Bride” study found that 26 percent of all marriage proposals occur in November or December, with a large chunk of that 26 percent taking place on or around Christmas. Maybe you’ve selected this time of year because it’s one for which your lover has always expressed enthusiasm, or perhaps you just want to give her another reason to snuggle close through the cold winter nights. Whatever your motivation, consider memorializing the time of your proposal by designing a customized engagement ring that reflects not just your love but also the season in which you choose to make it official.

Say it With the Stone

The stone is the part of the ring that will truly speak. Make the statement that this sparkler conveys meaningful by considering options that differ from the oh-so-popular solitaire. If your partner loves color, think about stepping away from the diamond altogether. If she’s the type that looks forward to Christmas 11 months a year, make a noticeable nod to this holiday by selecting a ruby or emerald or even a mixture of the two. If it’s not Christmas itself but icy winter that she loves, select a stone that features icy blue or tonal whites, such as a blue topaz or an opal.

Select Seasonal Detailing

When creating a customized engagement ring, you don’t have to settle for that bland and boring band. Add detailing and scrollwork to your engagement ring band to set it apart from the rest. If you’re eager to reflect the Christmas holiday, consider detailing that features stars like the one that guided everyone to the newborn babe in the manger. If your partner’s reason for loving Christmas stems from religious devotion, consider adding a cross to reflect this dedication.

Opt for Traditional Detailing

Few seasons are as steeped in tradition as Christmas. This family holiday inspires many people to think back to times that have passed. If your soon-to-be-fiancée loves slipping into traditional attire and going Christmas caroling or always delights in setting up her classic holiday village, she likely has a penchant for the traditional. Reflect this in your ring design. Rings of old often featured more intricate detailing than today’s modern, often mass-produced baubles. Give a nod to the traditions and history of Christmas by basing customized engagement rings off of a classic design from the past, but don’t forget to add your own modern twists.

Add an Engraving

Adding an engraving is a simple and exceptionally personal way to add meaning to your ring. Add the date on which you will propose to the interior of your ring. To make your engraving more special, consider adding some lyrics from your partner’s favorite Christmas carol or a few words from her favorite holiday-time tale. This addition will show your attention to detail and make it even more clear to your partner that you have more than just a seasonal desire to make her feel special and adored.

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