Get a Customized Engagement Ring for Your Special Love
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Get a Customized Engagement Ring for Your Special Love

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Design the Ultimate Custom Engagement Ring!

Your love is special. Your love is distinctive. Your love is unique. Why would you want a boring and bland ring to serve as the enduring symbol of this emotional connection? If you relish your special relationship, signify it with a customized engagement ring. By bestowing this specialized sparkler on your partner, you provide her with a daily reminder of your undying devotion that is as uncommon as your relationship itself. To craft your customized engagement ring, try some of these simple techniques.

Select a Non-Diamond Center

Diamonds are some girls’ best friends, but not all ladies want this icy stone to rest center stage on their engagement rings. Instead, select a different stone to feature in your customized engagement ring. Try a sapphire or ruby if your lady love is a fan of bold hues. If she’s simple and classic, an opal can make a lovely option. If you really want to think outside the box, consider something that wouldn’t traditionally be set in jewelry at all, as a fearless Canadian man did in 2015 when he proposed with a ring featuring his own wisdom tooth.

Adopt a Classic Style

If you like the idea of something customized but don’t think your soon-to-be-fiancée will like the idea of wearing a bicuspid on her ring finger, try a simpler approach to customization and mimic a classic style. Spend some time looking back at pictures and paintings in which you can spy rings. Study these stunners and take notes. Take these notes to your jeweler and make her your ally in putting your own spin on a classic replication. This idea is particularly on-the-mark if your girlfriend is a fan of classic movies or literature because your carefully crafted engagement ring will reflect this affinity.

Take Engraving Outside the Band

Engraving a sweet message to your loved one is always a nice touch, but you don’t have to keep the engraving inside the ring. If you want an intricate band featuring a bold geometric or nature-inspired design, have the exterior of the ring engraved or etched. If you want something supremely meaningful, consider having a phrase or set of numbers that is particularly important to you and your partner placed in a prominent place on the exterior of your band.

Mix Metals

Deciding between traditional, white or rose gold is an option, but you don’t have to pick just one. If your girlfriend is fun and funky, consider mixing these hues to create an attention-getting ring that fits her personality. Use this mixture of materials to highlight detailing on the ring. For example, if you plan to have leaves nestled up against your center stone, consider making these leaves a different color than the rest of the ring so they stand out from afar.

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