Custom Engagement Rings in Denver
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Custom Engagement Rings in Denver

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One of the most important steps in every person’s life is making a lifetime-long commitment to their significant other. But this kind of commitment is the commitment of the soul, the kind that speaks the matter of two hearts in love with each other. In this sense, it needs no legal agreement, but merely a symbol that stands as proof of everlasting love: an engagement ring.

Offering the woman of your heart an engagement ring is the first step of getting married, and along with it your promise of eternal faithfulness and love. But each love is unique and special, as is every woman; the engagement ring that you offer to them should reflect this.

This is where Abby Sparks Designs comes into play, with our custom engagement rings in Denver, Colorado, where each custom piece is manually made from an idea into a lovely, unique engagement ring. We only create unique handmade engagement rings for our clients, which bear the name of the client for which they’ve been specially made for.

customized diamond engament ring

On our website you can find plenty ideas for your inspiration, but we must say that everything there stands as just an inspiration for your custom engagement ring. In the end you will get a truly unique engagement ring for that special person in your life.

For the creation of the unique custom engagement rings we only use the finest gems and diamonds that we hand source ourselves. At the same time, we appreciate old family jewelry that has great sentimental value to you. In this sense, we can use the precious stones from family jewelry and repurpose them into a new jewelry design that is specifically made for you but holds that sentimental value as well.

We invite you to our online Abby Sparks Designs boutique to get some inspiration from the custom unique engagement rings we’ve crafted for our clients and book your appointment with us. Surprise the woman of your life with a totally custom, unique engagement ring specially designed for her and allow us to help her ideas come to life in a custom engagement ring for her.

About Abby Sparks

Abby Sparks is the founder and CEO of Abby Sparks Jewelry.