Custom Engagement Ring: The Ultimate Christmas Proposal Checklist
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Custom Engagement Ring: The Ultimate Christmas Proposal Checklist

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You’ve got the perfect girl, she’ll make the perfect wife. It’s almost Christmas, the most romantic time of the year. Time to pop the question! Do you have what you need to make sure your Christmas proposal is absolutely perfect? The Abby Sparks Jewelry Ultimate Christmas Proposal Checklist can help. Hint hint… it will probably involve a custom engagement ring!
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1. Enlist friends and family.

Other than yourself, no one knows your lady better than her friends and family. They know her best and will have great insight into what style of engagement ring she’s hoping for. Ask her family if there are any heirloom gems that can be incorporated into an heirloom upcycle engagement ring. If her parents are old-fashioned, don’t forget to ask her father’s permission before proposing. Last of all, incorporate them into the actual proposal so they can watch the magic go down!

2. Keep it a secret.

Seeing as this is the most romantic time for couples to get engaged, she might be watching you for signs of a proposal. It can be difficult, but try to be discreet while you’re making proposal plans. Don’t tell anyone who might ruin the secret. Along with the proposal, give her an extra surprise by proposing with a custom engagement ring made just for her or an heirloom upcycle engagement ring created with a family gem. She won’t see it coming!
custom engagement ring diamond heirloom upcycle gems

3. Get the perfect ring.

The perfect engagement ring is one that is exclusive to her and one-of-a-kind. Did you wait a little too long to create a custom engagement ring or an heirloom upcycle engagement ring? Are you unsure of exactly what style of ring she wants? We got this! Don’t just propose, give her the gift of designing her own custom engagement ring with the Abby Sparks Jewelry Loaner Ring. Borrow a ring from our showroom to propose to your love and when you bring it back, we will work with the two of you to design her the ring of her dreams.
custom engagement ring 14k yellow gold round halo champagne diamond   custom engagement ring round champagne diamond angle view
Get a loaner ring or get started creating your custom engagement ring, by giving us a call at 303.957.6502 or booking an appointment at our showroom.

4. Photos are everything!

We promise, this will be a Kodak moment so make sure a photographer is there! You’ll both be glad to have pictures of the moment you asked her to be your wife. Get pictures of the custom engagement ring on your new fiancé’s finger. If your engagement ring is an heirloom upcycle, don’t forget to snap pictures for your family to see for generations to come.
yellow sapphire custom engagement ring

5. It’s all in the details…

If you’re going to get down on one knee during Christmas, get in the Christmas spirit! Propose with your custom engagement ring while decorating the tree together. Pop the question with an heirloom upcycle engagement ring while taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride under twinkling lights. Or even ask her to be your wife with a corny Christmas song remake. Anything goes on Christmas as long as you keep it genuine, romantic, and special.
Get started creating your own custom engagement ring or unique wedding ring by calling us at 303.957.6502 or book an appointment at our showroom in the Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver, CO.

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