The Complete Guide to Sustainable Custom Jewelry
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The Complete Guide to Sustainable Custom Jewelry

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Jewelry has the ability to define your character. It can speak of your taste and attention to detail, but these days it can also say something about your devotion to the environment. At Abby Sparks Jewelry we’re embracing the age of sustainability. Our custom jewelry strives to be both unique and conscientious.

Abby Sparks Jewelry offers our clients one-of-a-kind jewelry creations that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. All of our jewelry is custom designed and handmade locally using only recycled metals and we provide a variety of “conflict-free” gemstone alternatives.

As a Denver-based business, we continue the city’s vibrant devotion to sustainability by educating our customers on sustainable options. We believe it’s important to be distinct and ecologically friendly when creating a piece of sustainable custom jewelry.

When it comes to metals

When looking for the appropriate metal for a design, consider where the metal will be coming from and the process that made it available to you. When metals, like silver, are mined they often require extraction techniques that are quite harmful to the area and can lead to the formation of sinkholes and contamination, among other issues.

After the metal is mined, it typically goes through manufacturing processes that increase its carbon footprint.

To avoid adding to the demand for metals that are harmful to the environment, consider taking your design ideas to a designer that uses recycled metals. If you’re wondering whether any quality is lost in recycling metals, the answer is no. We are able get the best quality alloy in all of our pieces while using recycled metals. Take the Craig man band. We made Craig a durable band with a flare of individuality and the strength of quality platinum. See more men’s jewelry at our Custom Men’s Wedding Ring page.

When it comes to diamonds

Diamonds are a popular subject in the discussion surrounding sustainability. Their demand and extraction has caused social, political and environmental problems throughout the world.  If you’re interested in creating sustainable custom jewelry, there’s a handful of “conflict-free” alternatives to mined diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are just as stunning as mined diamonds, more eco-friendly and very affordable. Lab-grown diamonds come in a variety of cuts, sizes and colors. Each lab-grown diamond is just as unique as a diamond pulled from the earth.

Another option is to avoid diamonds altogether. There are other stones, such as lab grown moissanite, that are just as beautiful as diamonds but much more environmentally friendly. Our client Caroline was looking for a diamond alternative and found the perfect match in lab grown moissanite. We created The Caroline with a stunning 1.5 carat lab grown moissanite center stone and matching accents set in platinum with milgrain detail. See more ethical and sustainable engagement rings on our Custom Engagement Ring page.

Don’t be afraid to ask for something different

One of the beautiful, if not the best, quality of custom jewelry is that it is meant to be unique. It is meant to suit its owner, not a status quo. With that in mind, let typical ideals go, and design for yourself.

Get more jewelry inspiration by going to our Custom Jewelry and Accessories page here or get started creating your own custom jewelry piece booking an appointment at our showroom in the Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver, CO either online or by phone at (303) 957-6502.


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