Common Wedding Planning Mistakes
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Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

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GUEST BLOG by Sandra Raul of Wedding Forward


Wedding planning can be completely overwhelming for a lot of couples. The endless to-do lists, party planning, and last minute minor details can result in some important things getting lost in the commotion. When this happens, wedding mistakes can be made in the process.

Often, these mistakes won’t register as a problem until the ripple effects start manifesting. These little\big mistakes can end up casting a shadow on your wedding memories. On one of the most special days of your life, you want to be able to enjoy and cherish every moment, not worry about the little details.

For couples planning a wedding, this blog can serve as a guide of how to avoid the most common mistakes and oversights. We’ve compiled a list through the eyes of wedding planning experts to make your wedding day as stress free as possible.

By reading these 17 wedding mistakes and how to prevent them, you’ll be one step closer to planning the perfect wedding.


1- Drawing a Plan Before Setting a Budget

Before creating a wedding planning checklist, set a budget first. Doing the reverse puts the cart before the horse which can be dangerous. Decide on a budget, the guests, and venue in that order, as it informs your decision on the rest of your wedding decisions. Don’t daydream of a pair of shoes and have your heart broken when they’re cut out of the budget. Planning before setting a budget will either get you heartbroken, or force you to cut down on other important things


2- Crowding Guests In

A surprising tip is to never use the venue to its full capacity. It can make an otherwise beautiful venue feel crowded and uncomfortable. Confirm how many guests the venue can take and reduce the number of guests by 10%. This way, people can move around freely and really enjoy the party.


3- Creating the Wedding Registry in a Hurry

One of the high points of planning a wedding is getting to create a wedding registry. But it can become a nightmare if you have to do save it until the last minute and put it together in a rush, just to get it over with. Picking out fancy items for the home can seem like a great in your head, but taking the time to realize what you really need and creating a cohesive color scheme takes more time than you might think. Consult experts at the stores to ensure you’re getting high quality, usable items that will last a lifetime.


4- Using the Wrong Wedding Stationary

Your wedding stationery gives guests an idea of the style and level of formality of your wedding. It should also make them excited for the event. From save the date, down to the invite, everything tells a story. Do not leave it until the last minute, or create something lacking personal touch. Send a message and make an impression, so that the guests will know what to expect and prepare for when the big day comes.


5- Skipping out on a Wedding Video

Many couples skip on this just because they feel it’s unimportant, they want to cut costs, or they forgot. Your wedding day is filled with moments, conversations, and feelings that pictures alone can’t do justice to. Recording every move, look, and smile in motion is priceless. With a video, you will truly get to relive your wedding over and over again anytime you want.


6- Not Preparing for the Rain

If the wedding is an outdoor venue, you should prepare for rain. Rain can spoil lots of planned details, and the bad part is that it doesn’t announce itself. One minute everywhere is dry, and the next, it’s raining cats and dogs. For peace of mind, ask your venue what you can plan to do if it rains and if needed, put down payment in advance for tents. Do this early enough, especially during peak season, to make sure you have a backup plan.


7- Trying to Please Everyone

Your wedding day should just be about you and the love of your life. If you’ve done thorough planning, when the day comes it will run smoothly. Worrying about anyone’s opinion on what you should wear, the decor, florals or anything else will only tire you. Pleasing everyone takes the spotlight away from you, and there’s no way to please everyone. It’s your day, enjoy it!


8- Micro-Managing

When you’ve hired an expert planner, DJ, caterers, and florists, allow them to do their job. Once you’ve told them the specifics, they have the rest under control. Trusting them to do a great job and only adding input when asked will make everyone’s lives easier.



9- Missing the Perfect Pictures

Couples either get distracted, things run late, or there isn’t a scheduled time for pictures. Finding the perfect time to take pictures will ensure you have perfectly captured memories to reminisce on. The sky, sun, and background, all give that extra oomph to wedding pictures. Take advantage of the golden lights before sunset for those romantic pictures you’ll want to share for years to come.


10- Underestimating Guest Turn Out

As a rule, there will be a number of guests, sometimes up to 10% that don’t RSVP, but still show up. This makes couples underestimate , the amount of guests and go on to invite more people. They believe if they invite 300 people, only 250 will make it. It’ll be shocking to realize that 280 or all 300 guests will show up. Always stick to the number of guests planned for. The more people that RSVP “no”, the better.


11- Downplaying the Cost of an Outdoor Wedding

Some people believe that because a wedding is outdoors, there’s not much to do. This is a misconception that has ruined many budgets over time. An outdoor wedding will cost more because it’s a blank space that will need to undergo a 100% transformation which takes more effort than an already decorated indoor venue. You may have to rent outdoor bathrooms, too!


12- Being too Fixated on the “Irrelevant”

This mistake can take the fun out of the wedding day. Allow people to do their thing, as long as it doesn’t impair your plans. Don’t fixate too much on what flowers are supplied or exact length of bridesmaids dresses. Concentrate on you.


13- Binding to Tradition

The wedding is a time to show off your personality. If you are keen on tradition, incorporate it in a way that incorporates who you are, not binds you. Personal touches that show off your unique love story will make the day much more memorable.


14- Allowing too Many Toasts

A toast should is really only expected from the maid of honor, best man, and couple, but every person should be up to you. Allowing everyone to give a toast gives room for unwarranted talks and opinions. Runaway, lengthy toasts can turn the wedding into a circus.


15- Signing a Catering Contract that Lacks Detail

It is important to make sure the catering contract entails everything you’re looking for. This is what swallows the bulk of your budget, so you must be meticulous. From staff to bartenders, to food, desserts, do not take anything by word of mouth. Everything should be put in writing before signing to make sure you get what you pay for.


16- Not Giving your Guests Enough Information

When there’s an information breach, everything starts falling apart. This often occurs with venue transportation and guests. Let the transporters and guests know where to be, and at what time. This kind of information must be very detailed and accurate to ensure the flow of the wedding is smooth. This is especially important at destination weddings.


17- Planning too Long of a Party

Big, lively receptions are fun until people start getting drained and leaving early. A good rule of thumb is to end on a natural note of 5 hours max. Pre-wedding tour, to drinks, ceremony, pre-reception party, reception, and after-party. All these will drain guests if they drag on. Let the guests go home bubbly, feeling happy and excited by the night’s events.

Knowing and being aware of these wedding mistakes is the first step in avoiding them. Taking the time to plan and organize things beforehand will make the actual day of your wedding much less stressful, and way more memorable.


About the Author:
Sandra Raul is a seasoned writer, who delights in helping couples have memorable weddings through her writing. She shares this passion with the world through Wedding Forward. Wedding forward is an authority platform that features tips, advice, and guides on everything wedding. From the latest wedding trends, to fashion, vows, beauty, and more, Wedding forward is your go-to source for bridal information and tips.

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