Caring for Custom Jewelry
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Caring for Custom Jewelry

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A custom creation from Abby Sparks Jewelry is an investment worth protecting. As with any investment, it is important to take care of your custom jewelry. Regular care for your jewelry can ensure it has a long life without damage, lost stones, or heartbreak. We recommend annual professional cleanings as well as biannual loose stone inspections. Here are some simple tips for helping your jewelry maintain its sparkle and quality for years to come.

VIP Spa Treatment

Every year, as a bonus to our customers, we offer a VIP Spa Treatment to clean, inspect, and care for our clients’ jewelry. When you bring in your ring, we will check for loose stones and damage. Next we deep clean your jewelry to ensure that it sparkles like new. These VIP Spa Treatments come at no cost to Abby Sparks Jewelry owners to keep your jewelry in superb condition for future generations.

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Stone Inspections

We recommend having your stones checked every six to eight months by your jeweler. With regular wear, stones can become loose and fall out of their settings. By checking the stones regularly, you can avoid the heartbreak and cost of replacing a lost stone. We are happy to check all Abby Sparks original jewelry regularly as a bonus for our clients.

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Home Cleaning

If you can’t get in to have your jewelry professionally cleaned at least once a year, you can clean your jewelry at home. Abby Sparks jewelry is best cleaned using an anti-grease dish soap and warm water. We suggest liquid Dawn or any comparable liquid dish-soap. Do not use brushes, solvents, or any other harsh cleaning methods including ultrasonic cleaners as they can damage stones.



Sometimes, your jewelry just needs that extra bit of sparkle. Depending on wear and care, we recommend re-polishing your jewelry every two to three years to keep it shining. We offer re-polishing for Abby Sparks original jewelry, but if you can’t get in to see us, make sure you take your jewelry to a reputable, craftsmanship-oriented jeweler rather than a mall chain store.



About Abby Sparks

Abby Sparks is the founder and CEO of Abby Sparks Jewelry.