Love at First SKYLIGHT | 10 Factors to Consider When Booking a Wedding Venue
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Love at First SKYLIGHT | 10 Factors to Consider When Booking a Wedding Venue

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He liked it, so he put a ring on it (finally). The anticipation of how-when-where is finally over, and you two are engaged – yay! After the excitement of calls, texts, and ‘gram posts has settled, it’s time for you both to say yes…to your venue.

Howdy! We’re SKYLIGHT, a flexible and creative venue located in Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District. Our goal is to allow you to get as creative as possible with your event, through our 24-hour rentals, open-vendor policy, and indoor and outdoor event space. And, to make things even easier, we include a client ready room, and seating for up to 200 . guests. #winning

Choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions of your planning process. Until you have a date locked down at a venue, booking other vendors, sending out save-the-dates, and bringing your wedding vision to life are just tasks for future you. To help make your process easier, we’ve created a list of the 10 most important factors to consider when touring venues, although we’re pretty confident you only really need to see one 😉


Wedding Ceremony at SKYLIGHT
Wedding Ceremony at SKYLIGHT. Photo courtesy of Kara Leigh Photography.


1. What is your Vendor Policy: Are there any In-House/Exclusive partnerships? What are vendor load-in and load-out times and logistics? Are there fees associated (for you or the vendor), and finally, what are the vendor’s insurance requirements?

2. Capacity: If you have your heart set on inviting 200 guests for a seated reception, don’t set yourself up for disappointment — or tours — of spaces that just aren’t spacious enough.

3. Included Versus Extra: Confirm through a written proposal (and then contract) what is actually included in your venue rental so that there is no confusion down the road.



Reception at SKYLIGHT
Reception at SKYLIGHT. Photo courtesy Erin Witt Photography


4. Time Frame: How many hours do I get? Does that include setup and tear down? What’s the curfew? When is last call? Can I come back in the morning and get my belongings? Can my vendors come back in the morning and get theirs?

5. Coordination: Will someone from the venue be present the day of my event? The whole time? What will they do versus not do? Should my second cousin/neighbor/friend-who-thinks-she’s-a-wedding-planner get in touch with them? Do you require day-of coordination? Do you offer day-of coordination?

6. Parking: Onsite? Offsite? Lot? Street? Complimentary? Paid? Valet? How many spaces? Can guests leave cars overnight? Is there a fee?

7. Rehearsal: When can we rehearse? Where does the rehearsal take place? What if an event books the day before mine? Does someone in-house handle this?



The Outdoor Patio at SKYLIGHT
The Outdoor Patio at SKYLIGHT. Photo Couresty of Rich Vossler Photography


8. Outdoor Space: Is there any? Is it an extra charge? What’s the weather backup plan? When do we make a ‘bad weather call’?

9. Setup/Clean Up: Who sets up my tables and chairs? What about my centerpieces? What about clean up? Do you provide trash cans? Do you recycle? Can I pay you to take care of everything? Are there extra fees if we make an extra big mess?


10. Floor Plans: Are there restrictions on how I can set up the space? What about where certain vendors can go based on electrical needs? Where should I put the kids’ table? Dance floor?

Phew! Overwhelmed, yet? Don’t be. Remember how we said we like to make things easier for you? Come on back to our blog for all the answers to all of the above questions, pertaining to SKYLIGHT. You’re welcome.


Featured Photo: Wedding Ceremony at SKYLIGHT. Photo Couresty In Frames Photography.